NaNo2020-Week 1

Good morning supporters and fellow NaNo-ites.

Today’s update (fondly known as Week 1) for National Novel Writing Month is actually a video which dropped on YouTube this morning. I’ll embed it at the bottom of this post.

But, as I always do when I drop a new video, let’s get you some behind-the-scenes information.

  • We had some SERIOUS technical difficulties on this one. We’re filming on all new equipment and, sometimes, that causes problems. It was to the point where I actually thought it wasn’t going to happen, we weren’t going to get a video. Then the editor (who refuses to quit anything) decided he was going to power through. I’m glad he did because this video came out GREAT!
  • That transition with the B roll really is me typing. I have my suspicions that he sped up the video a little, because I didn’t think I was typing quite that fast. But, it’s really me. In case you’re curious, random free speed tests online clock me at about 90 words per minute. 
(Screenshot from test done this morning at where I made a ridiculous amount of errors … oops)
  • Did you hear the random noises in the background? It could be cars passing (because it’s finally a nice enough temperature outside to have the front door open when I’m shooting video), the neighbor (who regularly makes so much noise that I don’t even notice anymore), jets flying overhead (because I live near an air force base), children (I have two), or dog nails on the hardwood floor (he’s just bitter because he wasn’t in this video). I film these in a real house full of real people living real life. Background noise happens. 

Check out that Video

I’m embedding it here but remember to subscribe to the channel on YouTube if you like bookish content (or share it on social media in case you have friends who do!)

Don’t forget to comment with your NaNo questions, brags, or problems so we can all work together to make that progress. Happy NaNo-ing!

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