November Reviews, Pt 2

I’ve finally had time to sit down and film my next 5 book reviews for November. Let’s dive into the details.


Age Category: 2 YA, 3 A

Arguably one of these YA titles will really appeal more to adults … but you’ll have to watch the video to see which one! 

Author’s Gender: 3 M, 2 F

Hey, that’s actually pretty close to 50/50. Good for me!

Genres: 1 Horror, 2 Fantasy, 2 Science Fiction

Alright that same one that really appeals more to adults will also actually be an action book … but, again, I’ll direct you to the video to figure out which one.

Indie Authors: 3 Y, 2 N

Oooohhhhh a close to 50/50 split that actually favors indie authors. Awesome!

Total Pages Read: 1,828

Average Pages per Book: 365

That’s good, right? I think that’s good. 

Ratings: 2, 3, 3, 3, 4

Maybe it’s me but I noticed recently that the number of 5 star books I’ve read have tapered off considerably. Reading is so subjective!

Book Notes That Didn’t Make the Video

Ghost River

  • This was an ARC sent to me by the new publishing company! This title and A Map to the Stars, which I rated on the last set of reviews, were their inaugural titles. Both were released on Halloween 2020. 
  • Did you watch the movie Crashed? Remember how that seemed to be a punch of unrelated storylines until it all came together? That’s sort of what this reminded me of … but in a seriously dark horror story. 
  • Support indie authors and get your copy here


  • I borrowed this ebook from my library when it earned the shield for the oldest book on my TBR. 
  • There are other books in this series, but I can’t see myself bothering with them. Honestly, if you want a book that takes a similar idea … I’ll drop a better recommendation for you. 
  • See for yourself and get your copy here.

Cynetic Wolf

  • This was an ebook which the author sent me in exchange for an honest review. I did also “purchase” it when it was free so you may notice my review on Amazon saying “verified purchase” … that’s why!
  • That cover is GORGEOUS. Seriously. 
  • Support indie authors and get yourself a copy of this one here

Dark Matter

  • I listened to this one as an audiobook which I borrowed from my amazing library. Have I talked enough about my library to make you go find out if you have a digital library service near you yet?
  • Funny that I read this in the same month as If, Then which is also a book that handles the multiverse. If I compare those two titles to each other directly … they’re pretty similar. Yet oddly they are COMPLETELY different. Where If, Then choses a contemporary route where almost no one realizes what is going on this book chooses to take the scientific route where too many people figure it out. Choices, man. 
  • Anyway, get yourself a copy here

Tree of Life

  • I subscribed to the Indie Book Box before they went out of business. This paperback was one of the books in that box! Funny story, I actually also have the ebook. I bought it before receiving the paperback. I’m SO GLAD I finally read this one. 
  • The cover of this one is GORGEOUS. It also had one of those titles that you see in the story and get excited about. You know what I mean?
  • Support indie authors and get yourself a copy here

The Video

Check out the full video below.

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