NaNo Update – Final

Well, it’s officially December. National Novel Writing Month is OVER.

Time to look back on how much longer and stronger those projects are and revel in what we accomplished. 

If you “FAILED”

If you “WON”

  • Decide if the story is truly finished or if there is more to do. Set a plan for when the rest will get done. 
  • Start thinking about editing. I have a LOT of projects from 2020 to edit, so I’ll be focusing on that a LOT in January. In fact, I’m revising a project NOW (different project). So I’m a good person to hit up for tips in that category. For now, just figure out when you plan to do it. 
  • What did you think? Want to do it again? 

My Project

  • Hitman reached 50,000 words. That means I WON this year. 
  • The story is “finished”. I reached the end of the outline and included everything I planned to include. This is a problem because the word count is LOW for the genre (Adult Mystery/Thriller). 
  • So what’s next? Eventually, I’ll do a reread of this one and see where I may need to up the descriptions or add scenes. I won’t add anything that doesn’t make the story better, but I’ll look at it. 
  • I’m letting this one simmer until January (at least) while I work on other projects. 
  • I’m proud of this one. It came out pretty good and there are scenes that are AMAZING. Plus with that monster word count added to November, I’ve officially written more words in 2020 than I did in 2019. 
  • So … WIN.

December’s Plan

  • Work on something else. For me, that is revising Fraun 4 with that beta feedback. I’m going to stick to my NaNo schedule (because it worked) but edit during that time instead. I’m aiming for 2 chapters a day. 
  • Plan for next year. More projects in your future? Editing this one? Finishing this one? I’m starting to think about 2021. I have 4 zero drafts that NEED MAJOR EDITING. I have 2 projects that need final edits and prep for publication. Having a plan makes me feel focused. 
  • Relax a little. November is HECTIC when you participate in NaNoWriMo. Allow yourself time to relax and step away a bit. 

THANKS for being here to check on my progress in November! I appreciate ALL OF YOU. 

I’m looking at some changes/revisions to my blog in 2021. I’d LOVE to hear from you! If there is a specific kind of post you LOVE (or HATE) PLEASE let me know in the comments. 

Talk soon!

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