Empowering Sawchett

It’s amazing to me that this journey through the Kingdom of Fraun that began with Breaking Eselda has come so far. Sometimes these characters feel so real to me because I have spent so long with them. Empowering Sawchett, the fourth book in the series and the conclusion to the main storyline, is coming May 4th. The preorders will start Tuesday. The paperback ARCs are already on their way out to reviewers and the book is on Goodreads so you can add it to your WANT TO READ shelf. It’s happening!

Here are your minor facts about Sawchett’s book:

  • Much like Redeeming Jordyn picked up right where Breaking Eselda left off … Empowering Sawchett begins right where Training Tutor left off.
  • This is Sawchett’s chance to tell her story. She is the youngest Queen we’ve seen and yet, sometimes, she is also incredibly mature because of what she’s battled through.
  • Important side characters making a comeback for this tale include Jordyn, Eselda, Tutor, Danyel, Marcus, and Toby. Some of them have had their turn telling a story and others will never get one, but they all feature in this one.
  • Changes are coming to the Kingdom of Fraun, it’s time to decide what’s worth saving.

What about Fraun 5?

You’ve likely heard me talk about this future book on social media. But I’ve also just called Empowering Sawchett the conclusion. What’s that all about?

Well, maybe it’s time you see some of the letter that will be in the front of all copies of Empowering Sawchett.

So, is Empowering Sawchett the conclusion to the Kingdom of Fraun saga? YES. Is there a fifth book? Technically, yes.

If you’re the kind of person who waits for the entire series to be finished and available before you read them … Empowering Sawchett is your finale. Preorder the whole lot (I’ll have that option).

Until preorders open, GET EXCITED, talk about the book on social media, tell your friends, and add it as WANT TO READ on Goodreads.

Thank you for all the continued support, you’re amazing. Enjoy all the words to Empowering Sawchett … in a word cloud.

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