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I’m making an executive decision about the YouTube channel and book reviews. Basically, since I started I’ve always posted reviews of EVERYTHING I read. Which is … time consuming, to say the least. I read a LOT. Yes, there are promised things. Yes, there are things I loved. But beyond that there’s also a lot of mediocre stuff that I’ll probably forget about in the near future. 

Lately, those have become “fast reviews”. I mention one good, one bad, and who may love it more than me. Then I move on. 

Well, I think even that is a waste of valuable video editing time. Especially since most of them are older traditional books that you’ve already either read or decided not to. Who is this review for? 

So, from now on, I will post those to Goodreads and Amazon … but not review them on YouTube. I’ll still mention them HERE and on the monthly wrapup of YouTube if necessary. But they’ll be more of a BLIP on the radar. I’ll make sure I drop links to the Goodreads so you can check out the full reviews. 

Let me know if you have an opinion about this (whether you agree with me or not) in the comments.

Here’s the pic of ALL the books I read this month. The reviews for the 5 you won’t find on this page are coming SOON to YouTube … stay tuned!

Anyway, here’s the stats on what I’m calling bonus reads for April. 


Age Category: 5 A, 3 YA, 1 MG

Not at all surprising. In fact I bet this almost perfectly matches my percentages for age categories for the year … but I can’t be bothered to go validate that claim so you’ll just have to take my word for it. 

Genres: 1 Mystery/Thriller, 3 Fantasy, 1 Science Fiction, 1 Historical Fiction, 1 True Crime, 1 Non-Fiction (Memoir), 1 Contemporary Fiction

My goodness, what a spread. Are we surprised? Yeah, me neither. 

Indie Authors: 7 N, 2 Y

Look, in my defense, backlist titles that aren’t on my official schedule tend to be traditionally published. 

Total Pages Read: 3,182

Average Pages per Book: 353

That’s good, I think. I’m at the point in my life where I consider an average over 300 pages as good.  

Ratings: 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5

The range isn’t bad. In fact, most of these were books I enjoyed and I’d recommend! Don’t skip checking these out just because I called them “fast reviews”. 

Book Notes That Didn’t Make the Video

The Chemist

  • Goodreads link (my full review is among the many there) 
  • This was an audiobook I borrowed from the library. 
  • I’m NOT a Twilight fan. Yes, I read it. No, I didn’t enjoy it. It was highly predictable and problematic. I also read The Host and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So this was supposed to be my Stephenie Meyer tiebreaker. 
  • I ended up giving it three stars. Great action scenes and a few hardened characters who I loved helped me think most mystery/thriller fans will like it (as long as they can forgive a little instalove and some slow scenes). 

Super Doll

  • Goodreads link for this book: 
  • This was a bonus wheel spin for March (Surprise Delivery-which means without me ordering it or entering a giveaway it just showed up at my house). 
  • I enjoyed this MC more than I expected to. I wasn’t crazy about the cover but this MC is AMAZING. I just LOVE her. 
  • I ended up going 3 stars for this one. Fantasy is a HUGE genre and I don’t think this niche story I can best call gaslighting fantasy will appeal to all fans of the genre. However, if you like strong female MCs who find themselves in impossible situations you’ll probably love this one. Check it out!

The Fall of Crazy House

  • Goodreads link for this book: 
  • This was an audiobook I borrowed from the library. Patterson is sort of my default audiobook author because he has so many books and they always seem to be available. 
  • I did read the first book in the series, although it was pre-YouTube channel and it looks like I never gave it a review or even a rating.
  • I ended up giving this one 2 stars. The characters are flat and the story definitely has a “we’ve heard this story before” vibe. 

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

  • Goodreads link for this book: 
  • This was an audiobook I borrowed from the library. It’s been on my TBR for a long time because I really enjoy historical fiction novels when I’m in the right mindset. I had really high hopes for this one. 
  • I knew NOTHING about the controversy with the historical accuracies in this book until AFTER I read it. I looked it up before writing the review. Honestly, it does taint my opinion of the book to hear how many things were changed. I was disappointed. 
  • Anyway, I ended up giving this one 3 stars. Slow start and problematic with the “creative license” in my opinion but I’m still glad his story was told.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

  • Goodreads link for this book:
  • This was an audiobook I borrowed from the library. I do enjoy true crime and documentaries so this one has been on my TBR since I heard of it. Really this book is the only reason I know anything about the case, however. 
  • I ended up giving this one 3 stars. I feel like you really have to like not only true crime but also memoirs for this one. 


  • Goodreads link for this book: 
  • This was a paperback I scored in my Nerdy Book Box! It’s actually the prequel to The Fate of Crowns, which I haven’t read yet. 
  • This world is AMAZING and this book really made me excited to dive into the full length novel. The character is dark in the best way and the story is bold. 
  • HIGHLY recommend this one for fantasy fans, 4 Stars. 

Things My Son Needs to Know About the World

  • Goodreads link for this book: 
  • This was a hardcover that actually belongs to my husband. But I love Fredrik Backman so I added it to my TBR as well. It’s nice having two readers in the house. 
  • Anyway, I devoured this entire book in one day. It’s amazing, it’s funny, and it’s packed with great lines about what it’s really like to be a parent. 
  • HIGHLY recommended for all parents with a sense of humor, 4 stars. 

What Alice Forgot

  • Goodreads link for this book: 
  • My sister gave me this paperback to read after it sucked her in and made her cry. To be fair, it was never difficult to make my sister cry when she was younger. She’s become a little harder around the edges as she gets older, so this was a big claim. 
  • While it didn’t make me cry, it was a book that made me get VERY introspective. I LOVED that!
  • 4 stars and recommended to anyone who likes contemporary stories about families and parents. 

The Sword of Summer

  • Goodreads link for this book: 
  • I am a HUGE Percy Jackson fan. Rick Riordan does an amazing job of bringing mythology to life in a fun and interesting way every single time. This one was no different. 
  • I listened to this one as an audiobook. The narrator does a FANTASTIC job, bringing the voice of young Magnus Chase to life. 
  • HIGHLY recommended whether you like action, fantasy, mythology, or even just Norse legends. Bonus points if you are (or want to read it with) a middle grade reader. 5 Stars.

Alright, that’s it. I’m calling it. Of course, it’s also 8:30 at night on the last day of April so there’s not really a chance I’m going to squeeze another book in before midnight. 

Have an opinion about the reviews going here instead of YouTube? Make sure you tell me in the comments!

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