May Progress Check 2021

It’s been two months now of posting the progress checks here instead of to the YouTube channel. So far, it’s working. I like being able to drop the pictures inline with what I’m writing. I like being able to go back and edit what I write (it’s much harder to edit the words I’m saying). Plus, it’s easier for me to go back and find them later. 

So, let’s talk about my May Progress!

You probably already know that I have a set of year long goals that I’m working towards in 2021.

2021 Goals–official looking, aren’t they?


In January I played around in the idea journal. 

In February I picked the theme for that anthology and wrote the first two stories.

In March I focused on my husband’s surgery and did practically nothing. 

In April I added onto a little side project for Fraun then picked the “new thing”. 

In May, I turned my attention to that “new thing” which I’m lovingly calling the Apocalypse Project. I have the entire thing outlined but, as I mentioned on a previous blog post, drafting it is proving problematic. 

The good news? I think I worked out the last of the latest kinks in the process and I’m moving forward again. I’m finding Ivy’s voice and staying focused on the purpose of the project. 

The bad news? It’s definitely slow going. In May, although I worked on or thought about this project almost every single day, I only added about 6800 words to it. 

Honestly, looking at what I’ve done so far and considering how much of the year is left, I’m nervous. To be on track I still have to actually finish the anthology, finish the Apocalypse Project, then pick and draft something new. 

Is it possible? Yes. I’ve done it before. 

Will it be hard? Also yes. 

I’m not giving up, just being honest. 


OMG what is my problem with this section this year?

Actually, I can answer that. When I have time to sit down and work, I typically either get obsessive about the words I need to write or the books I need to read. Editing keeps getting pushed back. 

This is a problem because the four books that I wrote in 2020 are not going to edit themselves. 

SO what I need to do is sit down and carve out EDITING time, specifically. Of course I’d like this time to not come out of my writing time or reading time. So I’m going to need to add more hours to the day. You’re all onboard, right?

Just kidding (sort of). I know I need to buckle down and stop wasting time. It’s about prioritizing. Those books I wrote in 2020 are GOOD. Editing will help them be BETTER. Editing will get them ready for all of you. 

It’s going to happen. I promise!


I’m on track for this one (man that’s nice to say). 

Empowering Sawchett is available. Ahem–get it

The MagicalYA needs work, still. 

That extra chapter is written (YAY) and it’s GOOD. 

Now it needs a final editing pass for proofreading. It needs a cover (which will include a title). Then I can schedule for it’s release. I’m still hoping for 2021 … but it may be close. I’m HURRYING!



So far I’m at 53. Which is great! Look, a goal I’m ahead on. Honestly, most days it doesn’t feel like I’m ahead because that 200+ book TBR is staring at me, judging me. But numbers don’t lie! 

As a reminder, here was my official May TBR. These included review copies and advanced reader copies I had to get to before the month was over. 

  • 3 ARCS: Mula and the Fly, The Threadbare Prince, and The Last Imperator
  • 2 Review Requests: A Trade in Tears, They Lived They Were at Brighton Beach
This was my “official” TBR but it doesn’t include the actual cover of Threadbare Prince. Oopsie

After I finished these 5 I started the bonus wheel. Again, I’ve ADORED this bonus wheel! For May, at the suggestion of a few of the followers to the channel, I went back to categories of books. I think I’ll end up alternating GENRE and CATEGORY for the rest of the year. 

My first spin landed on REREAD.

As I said when I filmed the video, this was GREAT because someone with a TBR over 200 probably wouldn’t “let” themselves reread something  normally. This was a chance for me to do that! A random number generator picked Wonder as my reread. Turns out I own the copy with Julian’s chapters, which I hadn’t read before! So although this was a reread it turned out to have something EVEN BETTER than I was expecting. Such a great book and totally recommended for middle grade readers. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen this post. Sorry, I recycle things.

My second spin landed on PHYSICAL TBR. 

Got creative on this picture haha

These, of course, are books I already own but haven’t read. I had a SHOCKING 59 books that fit into this category. A random number generator decided it would be Don’t You Cry. This psychological thriller was well done and satisfying. If you like to be shocked by the twists in a mystery book, you’ll LOVE this one. 

My third spin landed on NONFICTION. 

Being creative again HAHA

Yes, I realize that is a genre. I have a lot of them and I wanted to show them some love. Anyway, a random number generator narrowed it down to Born a Crime. This was WONDERFUL. The memoir is equal parts historical, funny, and heartwarming. I adored this one and highly recommend it to anyone who likes memoirs!

My fourth and final spin landed on SOMETHING BORROWED.

Hmmm I look like I’m judging this book before I even read it!

I decided to go with a library book I recently borrowed. Basically this is the first in a YA Fantasy series and I was recently approved for the ARC of the sequel. So I figured I’d better read the first one! The Ravens was my next read. This one was good, but felt really similar to other things I’d read in this genre. I like books to be really unique. This has the potential, as a series, to be that. I’m hoping it goes somewhere new in Book 2. 

With those books finished, my May Actually Read looks like this …

2 Review Requests, 3 Advanced Reader Copies, 2 Audiobooks, and 4 Book Wheel Spins. BUSY READING MONTH AGAIN!

What’s Next?

In June I have only 4 books on my required TBR.

  • 2 ARCs: Not Meant for Each Other and More Anon
  • 2 Review Requests: Identity and Sunshine

With only 4 books on the TBR I had to make a choice about that shield challenge. Do I bring it back for another month after taking 2 months off?

Here’s what I decided … I’m not bringing it back! Instead, I’m going to jump into that wheel spinning as soon as I’m done with the required TBR. I’m excited!


Again, I’m having a little trouble getting this schedule going with all the medical appointments and what not. 

In May we added 3 (I think) to the channel. That puts the total for the year at 16. That’s behind. Honestly, it’s pretty far behind. 

Still catch-up-able, but getting more distant all the time. 


Man, I’m really falling down on some of these. 

Here’s my big plan for the blog (honestly you–person reading this blog–are the PERFECT person to provide feedback on this):

  • I want to make the front page more inviting. I’d like to somehow denote whether one of my books is part of a series or not. I’d like to (maybe) pull review snippets. Things like that.
  • I want to MAYBE categorize my blog entries. I started that and I know it’s better than it was … but it may need more. 
  • Basically, I want the blog to be more inviting! If you have ideas, LET ME KNOW! 

Anyway, that’s it for me and my May progress report. 

Thanks for reading through this whole thing to help hold me accountable. I love reading your comments so don’t be shy about dropping one below. 

See you next time!

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