Photography – August Writing Challenge

OOPS, I missed a few days there, didn’t I? 

Quick catch up:

  1. The MagicalYA has a title! A Spark of Magic will be out 11/9/2021
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  5. OK this is an exclusive catch up point that only readers of this blog will know about … The GhostlyYA editing is DONE. As in, I finished all my little add in bullet points for myself and added all the scenes I needed to add! This is a first round edit, so it still needs a grammar pass. But it’s one step closer and that’s always cool. 

Anyway, back to the August writing challenge. 

As a reminder, there are 3 sources I’m drawing prompts from in August:

  1. Single word creative prompts from 
  2. Journaling nonfiction prompts from 
  3. Poetry prompts from 

Today I decided to go with the nonfiction prompt. 

It’s World Photo Day. Do you enjoy taking pictures?

I do enjoy taking pictures. They are one of the (many) ways I express my creativity. People who know me in real life can attest to this — I’m not a very emotional person. I’m very stoic and I’m a big “rule follower” in my real life. Photography, writing, poetry … these have always been the ways in which I can express myself. 

Although most people in my life would probably tell you writing is my most important creative outlet, photography also has a special place. Writing is a way for me to create worlds and characters. To let those characters express emotions I have felt in ways I never could. A way to force myself to examine what those emotions felt like and put it on paper in a way that other people will relate to. 

Photography is different. 

Photography is a way for me to say YES I see those things in the world I live in every day. I didn’t miss it.

I saw the resilient beauty of that flower petal that refused to die after the monsoon storm. 

I recognized the pain of a moment of true fear followed by the comfort of a family member.

I recognized the consistency of nature, showing off its beauty day after day no matter what challenges came our way.

I recognized unfettered joy in children given a chance to prove they deserve the stage and the audience. 

For me, that’s photography. More than a way to say “I was there” photographs are a way to say “I recognized beauty and greatness.”

So, yes, I love photography. I think a part of me always will. 

How do you feel about photography? Drop a comment and let me know!

P.S. All the photographs here belong to me. I was the photographer for every one. Don’t borrow or steal one without reaching out to ask for permission to use them. Thanks!

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