August Challenge – Hourly

Have you ever one of those days where you just wake up feeling OFF? That was my morning. I felt terrible. I took medication and that made me medicine heady, not cool. But I did manage to squeeze out a little writing on this August challenge and get some editing done after I did that. Warning: it’s not the best. It’s basically an idea with giant holes and lots of questions I couldn’t answer. Blame the medicine, I do. 

As a reminder, there are 3 sources I’m drawing prompts from in August:

  1. Single word creative prompts from 
  2. Journaling nonfiction prompts from 
  3. Poetry prompts from 

Today’s came from the single creative word: hourly. Enjoy.

She has to get to her phone. That’s the thought that keeps running through her head. Without her phone she has no way of knowing how much time has passed, but it’s been quite a bit. The people in the center of the room have been arguing for long enough to circle back to the original points again, as if they’ve decided that yelling them louder will make them resonate more with the other person. Her phone is trapped on the other side of the room. She is crouched inside a cabinet, trying not to make a single sound. 

Really, it was stupid to leave the phone. John would call it a rookie mistake, probably while laughing at her. She’d given her hourly update, no sign of them, and then set the phone down on the floor. Who sets the phone down on the floor? A total idiot, that’s who. If she had put the phone in her jacket pocket, it would be with her right now. Instead, it’s still on the floor under the table where she left it when she crept out to check on a noise. The noise was the people in the center of the room. Once that became clear, she’d dashed her way to the cabinet to hide. In fact, they were mid argument before she noticed her mistake. How can she send the next update if the phone is on the other side of the room?

At this point, she’s still got this under control. She has eyes on the couple. She can hear and see them while they argue with each other. There’s no need for intervention from John. But if she can’t send that update, he’ll come in. If he comes in it gets messy and he will take credit for the situation. That, as far as she is concerned, is unacceptable. 

She has to get to her phone. 

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