Long and Winding Road – August Writing Challenge

Hello again. It’s been a few days since I wrote something for this prompt challenge. Shall I explain where I’ve been? It’s not an interesting story AT ALL. I worked, the kids had school, and we binge watched episodes of 24 Hours To Hell and Back because we thought it was being taken off Hulu.

But, I’m still here. I had three prompt challenges I was checking in on during the month of August (you probably already knew that).

  1. The single word prompt that allows freedom and creativity (https://www.writerswrite.co.za/31-writing-prompts-for-august-2021/)
  2. The nonfiction journal prompts that allow for unblocking my mind (https://natashalh.com/august-journal-prompts-for-adults/)
  3. The poetry prompts (https://www.instagram.com/fallspoetry/)

Today, after skipping a few days, I decided to go with the poetry prompt.

The poetry prompts for this group of days surround songs. So, naturally, I decided to go with a blackout poem. The prompt led me to Long and Winding Road by the Beatles. I printed the lyrics and blacked out some, leaving behind only the words that formed my poem.

Of course, I’m not actually crazy about the result. I almost never am. I’m a very harsh critic of myself, actually. But I’m posting it anyway (both here and on Instagram). Enjoy!

The long and winding road
leads to
that washed away
lead me back
your door
You left me standing here
Don't keep me waiting here
Posted to my Instagram (authortabathashipley) August 9

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