September 2021 WrapUp

In typical 2021 fashion, I’m a bit behind on my list of things to do. Evidence #1-the fact that this is already October 6 and I’m barely sitting down to take a look at how my September went. Let’s check on that progress–better late than never!


This month I had trouble getting out of my own way and getting words on a page. Real life is keeping me busy lately so it’s convenient to blame that. But, I did get some things done. 

Apocalypse Project

This has been such a PAIN from start to … wherever I am in it now (can’t say finish). I feel like this one has fought me every step of the way. Honestly, I’m about one step away from putting it in a drawer and leaving it alone for years and years and years. 

But, I did make progress in September. The things I figured out for the project that happened BEFORE the story but influenced the story basically forced me to take another look at the project and restart. So I managed to get just over 22,000 words onto the project even though I’m not any further along the timeline. They’re better than they were and things are clicking better, but I’m sure it won’t be smooth sailing from here because that’s just not how this project has gone. 

Writing Log Posted to IG 10/6/21

I didn’t write much else besides this project in September. Going forward in October I want to get back in the habit of sitting down with the computer or notebook and giving myself more minutes staring at the screen. That typically results in words written and it’s absolutely worth a shot!

In planning for a future TikTok video I did also remember I have a LOT of already finished projects that need some editing/revision love. Maybe it’s time to let myself relax on the new words written requirement and get editing done. There’s nothing wrong with that and MAYBE it’ll help me figure out what project I want to focus on next. 



Reading Log Posted to IG 10/6/2021
  • 3 eBooks
  • 4 Audiobooks

For a total of 7 books (2972 Pages)

  • 4 Borrowed from the library
  • 2 Review Requests from authors or publishers
  • 1 Advanced Reader Copy from Netgalley and the publisher

Sad when my library borrows outpace the already own but haven’t read yet

  • 1 Contemporary Fiction
  • 1 Science Fiction
  • 1 Paranormal Fiction
  • 1 Fantasy
  • 1 Historical Fiction
  • 2 Horror


  • 3 Young Adult
  • 4 Adult

Is this typical? I can’t even tell anymore.

  • 0 1-star rated (do not recommend)
  • 2 2-star rated (problematic)
  • 1 3-star rated (good but likely niche)
  • 2 4-star rated (great for the genre)
  • 2 5-star rated (genre crossing great reads)

What Won the Bracket Spot?

The best/most memorable book I read this month was May Day by Josie Jaffrey. This paranormal fantasy is basically a well-written detective novel that happens to feature VAMPIRES. The romance storyline works, the world building is great, and the mystery is satisfying. 

Then that book had to face off against my favorite read from March, The Gatekeeper of Paricael by Hayley Reese Chow.

These two books couldn’t be MORE different. One is a middle grade portal fantasy and the other is a vampire detective mystery/thriller. It was really hard to choose between them! At the end of the day, I had to give the edge to May Day, but only by a little! If you put both in front of me for a reread, I think I’d pick up May Day a bit more frequently. 

That means May Day will advance in the bracket to face off against whatever wins in the next match up!

What’s Next?

Ugh, October just has to be more productive. August saw my lowest words written total for 2021 and September marked the first time EVER I’ve missed a reading goal. I had a review request unfinished in September and, therefore, didn’t spin the wheel AT ALL. I just need to go into October thinking of it as a clean slate and making as much progress as I can. 

Back to basics. 

  • Try to write every day. Ten words or 1200 words, who cares? But sit down and write something. 
  • Read the required stuff. For October this is:
    • Birthright (the review request I had to carry over from September)
    • Sacaran Nights (ARC from the author)
    • The Eye Collector (Review Request)
    • The Lucky Diamond (ARC from the author)
  • Spark of Magic proof and finalizing. This YA Fantasy is coming 11/9/2021 and I’m SO EXCITED. In October I plan to get the final proof finished and pushed through. Preorders should start this month and my preorder campaign will kick off soon. TIME TO GET EXCITED!!!
  • Edit something. As I mentioned, I think dropping a big writing project might be the best move for me right now. I think I’ll pick something already drafted and get it edited in October. Wish me luck!

Alright, that’s it. Thanks for keeping me accountable! See you soon. 

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