2022 Book Review: Sneak


Sneak by Evan Angler

YA Science Fiction, 2012 by Thomas Nelson, 288 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The chapters are further divided into sections. It works for keeping the chapters short and keeping the pace up, but it does make it seem like it’s jumping around a lot. It’s also confusing on the audiobook because the sections all run together as if they’re one long chapter, meaning it’s easy to get lost. 
  • Lots of characters to keep track of. I don’t remember having that problem with the first book in this series. This one has a lot of characters and it moves quickly. Sometimes it’ll even mention a scene with 5-6 characters completing actions together. That makes for a long list of names you have to try and keep track of. 
  • Religious angle. This is a personal one and I’m aware of that. I’m not a huge fan of specific religions being dropped into science fiction or dystopian books. I have a hard time seeing them as necessary. I could’ve done without the nods to the Bible and Christianity. 

What I Did Like:

  • As with the first one, this one has great political undertones. There’s a lot happening in this book that seems just outside the realm of possible and yet completely terrifying. I love the concept. 
  • The use of technologies that are too “outdated” for the modern story as a way of being untraceable is always fun. It makes it seem like our current day technology is a solution for something in the future. Very cool. 
  • Great middle book. This one builds on the big messages that began in the first book and yet sets it up wonderfully for the final book in the series. You get enough answers for this part of the story but still want to keep reading. 

Who Should Read This One:

  • Fans of Swipe (the first book in the series) will like how this builds on the political angle set up in the first book. 
  • Readers of young adult dystopian books like Hunger Games will like the strong kids, the found family, and the standing up for yourself themes.

My Rating: 4 stars. 

Again, if you’re a fan of the dystopian science fiction genre, you’ll love this one.

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