2022 Book Review: The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty 

MG Contemporary, 2018 by Random House, 294 Pages

What I Didn’t Like:

  • As an audiobook some of the recitations of the digits of pi, which I would imagine a lot of readers skim through as just a listing of numbers your brain doesn’t need to focus on, were cumbersome. Of course, this is the point so I can absolutely let that slide by me. 
  • Ending. This is actually going to come back up in a second because I do like endings like this … but I’m aware that not everyone does. So, almost a content warning, this isn’t listed as the first in a series and yet you definitely don’t get all the answers. 
  • Age appropriate placement isn’t always the right answer for kids, no matter how it works out in this particular story. Lying to your school about your academic progress is never a good idea. Meeting kids at their academic level is always a good idea and requires open communication and honesty. OK — that’s my soap box as a former teacher. 

What I Did Like:

  • Making friends and struggling with not fitting in are always going to be relevant topics for middle grade kiddos. We’ve all been there. This book does a good job of highlighting that and putting it front and center. 
  • A mathematical savant makes for an interesting main character. Her ideas about numbers and the beauty of numbers came across very well. 
  • The audiobook is well narrated and, in my opinion, adds to the story. I would highly recommend letting middle grade readers listen along to this one while they’re reading. 

Who Should Read This One:

  • Middle grade readers who like contemporary (real, could be happening now) stories will like the friendships in this one and the intelligent cast of characters. 

My Rating: 4 Stars. 

Good story, recommended specifically as an audiobook!

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