February 2022 Reading Stats

February is officially over. As you probably already know, I set a pretty lofty reading goal for 2022. My goal is to read 104 books before the year is over. Being that there were 4 full weeks in February, my goal for February should’ve been 8 books. Let’s see how we did.

  • 7 Books (Literally HALF of January but a more normal amount haha)
  • 2,270 Pages
  • 81 Pages per day (Whoops, this is WAY lower than January and lower than I like it to be)


I don’t have official reading per day/month goals. I have a year long goal (104 books) which breaks down to 2 per week. But, as you saw in January, sometimes I’m ahead. So, in a perfect world I would’ve read 8 books in February … but January covered it anyway. Also, in a perfect world I’d read about 100 pages a day (preference) but sometimes life gets in the way. So when I reference my silent goals or my unofficial goals … I probably mean these. 

I read a little of everything. Still, it’s always nice to check in on my genres and make sure nothing is getting too much attention.


  • 1 Mystery/Thriller
  • 1 Fantasy
  • 1 Poetry
  • 2 Science Fiction
  • 1 Short Story Anthology
  • 1 Historical Fiction

That looks pretty typical for me. Actually, the 2 science fiction weren’t even the same age range! Speaking of age range …


  • 2 YA
  • 5 Adult

I took a detour away from children and middle grade books this month. Honestly, that’s pretty typical for me. I read WAY more YA and Adult than anything else.


  • 2 Borrowed from the library or someone else
  • 4 Advanced Reader Copies or Review Copies from publishers or authors
  • 1 Purchased outright over the years

Actually, fun fact — the purchase was actually a review book. I do this sometimes, offer to buy the book outright instead of having it given to me free of charge for a brand new author. In this case, no regrets. That book was AMAZING and it has a permanent home on my shelf now.

Let’s take a look at whether format affects where I get the book (spoiler: it usually does).

As expected, most of my audiobooks come from the library, most of my reviews are electronic, and most of the books I buy are paperbacks. I was nice to see a review request come in the form of an audiobook this month!

Now that we’re talking about review requests, lets see how I did on my indie vs traditional percentage in February.

  • 3 Independently Published
  • 2 Traditionally Published Advanced Reader Copies
  • 2 Backlist Titles

Not too bad. Even better when you consider that one of those ARCs was from a small press. I love working with indie authors and small presses. Honestly, the stuff they’re releasing is often BETTER than what I can get from the big five publishers. Nothing wrong with that.

Need a Rec?

5 Star Go Add This to Your Shelf Immediately:

  • Fatherhood of the Absent Sister, Poetry. Beautiful poems that connect with the reader on an emotional level. They’re quick and worth reading more than once. You’ll want to own the paperback of this!

4 Star Worth Reading if you like this Genre:

  • Immortal Return, YA Fantasy. Fantastic conclusion to a dark fantasy trilogy that is worth your time. Demons, fighting, undercurrents of themes related to ideal societies and individual values. Great characters with lots of chemistry!
  • Heroes, Short Story Collection. Lost Boys Press has put together a great collection of reimagined stories featuring heroes you’ve definitely heard of. The stories are daring, creative, and well written. Recommended for short story or epic hero fans. 
  • Sneak, YA Science Fiction. Sneak is the sequel to Swipe, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This science fiction series is perfect for fans of dystopian stories featuring government overreach and technology that may have gone a bit too far. 

And that’s my February. Not too bad! 21 books down for the year and on my way to making that goal.

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