2022 Book Review: Eyes on the Road

Eyes on the Road by Kerri Davidson and Mark Gelinas

YA Contemporary, 2021 by Kerri Davidson Books, 263 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Some scenes I would’ve liked to see. We fast forward through some things that I would’ve wanted added, but overall I get why they weren’t included. 
  • Teens making poor choices. Not a deal breaker for me as I think it’s realistic. But if you’re not a fan of YA books where teens do stupid questionable things it might bother you. Call it a content warning.

What I Did Like:

  • Great characters! I adored Morgan and Josh. They’re chemistry, their personalities, and their banter worked.
  • The setting is perfect. This story wouldn’t work in today’s world of cell phones and GPS. It absolutely had to be set in the 90s. I questioned whether that was going to work (I worried today’s teens won’t relate) but it’s well balanced so that wasn’t an issue.
  • Relatable. The message here is about learning who you are and what’s important. That’s a relatable message and it’s learned in a great way. 

Who Should Read This One:

  • Fans of contemporary coming-of-age slice-of-life style books will adore this one. It’s just well written and amazing. I already ordered book 2! 
  • YA romance fans … hear me out. If you like slow burn romance with good banter, these characters are lovable and adorable. 

My Rating: 5 Stars

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