2022 Book Review: Pints & Potions

Pints & Potions by T.M. Cromer

Paranormal Romance, 2021 by Fae press, 274 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The pacing was a little off for me. At times I felt this was dragging and then it would run full speed ahead to get stopped up again. 
  • There were LOTS of characters introduced at one point and it was confusing. The characters did end up being important to the story, for the most part, but to have them all introduced at one time made it difficult to keep track both at that time and when they popped up later. 
  • There is an “enemy” in this story and I wish that we would have had more glimpses of them before we did. At times it was easy to forget that part of the story was there. 

What I Did Like:

  • The story. I would describe this as a cozy witchy romance. It was great for that. Plenty of witchcraft and throwing in the Irish setting was a great backdrop. 
  • The characters. Piper and Cian were both described well and I truly was able to paint a picture of who they were. I found myself falling in love with Cian and the way he was written, as well as intrigued by a few other characters who I’m hoping might be explored in future books. 
  • In any good romance, the happily ever after is paramount. T.M. Cromer does not disappoint in this. Piper and Cian’s story was wrapped up and yet still left open enough that you know there will be more in future novels. (Futur novels appear to follow different people) 

Who Should Read This One: 

  • Paranormal/Witch Romance readers who are looking for a lighter, fun easy read. Readers who haven’t read a lot of paranormal books might find this one difficult to get into. 

My Rating: 3 stars

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