2022 Book Review: Godmother

Godmother: A secret Cinderella Story by Carolyn Turgeon

Fantasy, 2009 by Broadway Books, 273 Pages

What I Didn’t Like:

  • There was a little bit too much description and detail given on the background and not story relevant items. It was hard to keep attentive when it seemed like we were reading more than necessary to really picture it. 
  • The pacing was a little difficult for me, and I had a hard time really pushing through to read more than one chapter at a time when it would slow down. Although it did pick up at the end. 

What I Did Like:

  • I enjoyed the ending of this one, it was truly perfect for the story that Carolyn had setup. This ending left you asking yourself many questions, while trying to determine exactly what you read. 
  • This original remix of a classic fairytale was very good. I liked the way it entwined the fairy world with our own, and even the drastic change from the normal Cinderella narrative was a good one. Definitely some twists that I didn’t see coming. 

Who Should Read This One: 

  • Anyone who enjoys a slightly updated and very different version of a fairytale. 

My Rating:  2 stars

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