2023 Book Review: The Chase

The Chase by Elle Kennedy 

Romance, 2018 by Bloom Books, 343 Pages

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Summer initially was a character that was very hard to like. She comes off at shallow and immature right away. I do think that as you get further she gets more depth as you are learning about her, but initially it takes away from the story
  • The additional love interest (or not so much) angle. For the most part I am fine with an almost love interest that ends up not happening – that’s pretty standard. This one felt wrong. Hunter and FItz were teammates and close friends, so the idea that Fitz would go after her knowing how Hunter felt just didn’t seem okay for me.

What I Did Like:

  • I liked that this was a very good example to me of someone with a learning disability. We get to really see some struggles, as well as actual examples of how they work through it. Since this book takes place at a University I really enjoyed that this was included.  
  • I really enjoyed the small twists and plotlines that were put in throughout the story. There were a few little curves throughout the story that really helped you connect with the characters and I thought they moved the story along nicely. 
  • The ending for me was great. Right in the last chapters you were thrown a storyline that made sense with what we had been reading and it was really a good twist, and allowed us to see a final side of Summer that really all woman can get on board with.

Who Should Read This One: 

  • Romance fans who want a light and fun college/sports romance

My Rating: 3 stars

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