2023 Book Review: Maybe One Day

Maybe One Day by Sarah Douglas

YA Romance, 2023 by W by Wattpad Books, 416 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Content Warning: accident, death, attempted sexual assault, stalking, sexual situations
  • I wasn’t sure why we had 1 random chapter from Jace only to have the rest from Haley. I’d say either do dual POV or don’t. Plus, that opening chapter (which happens to be Jace) is really jarring. You’re dropped into a scene where you instantly feel like you don’t know what’s going on. It’s uncomfortable. I could’ve done without this chapter altogether.
  • Lots of formatting, typographical, and grammatical errors in my copy. Of course, this is an ARC and we can assume most (or all) of those will be fixed so it won’t affect my rating.
  • Knight in shining armor trope. Also known as the damsel in distress. It’s not my favorite. The main character even calls it out but still it happens. 
  • The back and forth between these two was a bit much to my taste. I got annoyed at some point.

What I Did Like:

  • Good descriptions. Between character descriptions and descriptions of scenes and action, this one is easy to picture. 
  • Friends to lovers. Always a trope I like. The friendship between these two is never really in question. You believe that right from the start. That makes the romance cute and believable.
  • I appreciate the changes in expectation. This one is really more about people dealing with grief in different ways than I expected and I like that. 

Who Should Read This One:

  • New adult readers who want a spicier romance than they can get on the young adult shelves but like the friends to lovers trope (beware the content warnings, friends). 

My Rating: 3 stars

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