New Teacher

I'm pretty sure everyone already knows that I was an elementary school teacher for fifteen years. Some people know the story of my first year of teaching. This short story that I'm sharing today takes shades of that story. However, this story is not based on anyone real. The story is fictional. I draw on... Continue Reading →

30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 11

I have always had a rather active imagination. Not surprising, really, since I became a fantasy writer. My mind wanders constantly, often creating random "what if..." situations. I got better at writing those down as I got older. They often become the ideas for my books or scenes in a book. Here are a few... Continue Reading →


write from the perspective of someone who is developing an understanding of what it means to be different. 


Today's post is going to include a work of fiction pulled word-for-word from my idea journal.

Idea Journals

One of the first pieces of advice I ever received when I officially began pursuing writing was to keep an idea journal.

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