Warning: Mushiness Ahead

Wow, two posts in one day…what’s that all about?  It’s about LOVE…for you people!

I was browsing through some stats on my little blog here tonight.  Just sitting here after a rather crappy day reading other people’s blogs for inspiration and looking at my own statistics.  Yeah, it’s weird, whatever.

Anyway, to my point-you people rock!  You may not be commenting (which always makes me wonder if you’re really reading) but you sure are sharing!  At last check the post from this morning already had 5 shares on Facebook (yeah it’s a small number but it means 4 people who aren’t me felt strongly enough about something I wrote to put it out there in the world…which, if you think about it, is pretty insane).

By far your favorite continues to be the post about my son and his Juvenile Migraines which has been shared a whopping 80 times on Facebook (definitely not all me and most assuredly not all my family, there really aren’t that many of us).

Add to that the fact that 24 people whom I have never met follow my blog progress (alright, for some of you that is a laughably small number but I haven’t been blogging long) and I’m feeling very grateful.

So, in short (oops maybe too late for that) THANK YOU!

You took an otherwise pretty downer of a day and became my little ray of sunshine.  You are showing your appreciation for what I’m doing here and there just aren’t words to explain how amazing that feels.

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