August Games

Happy August!

I’ve decided to compile a list of the social media “games” I’m planning to participate in this month so you can all decide if you’d like to watch/play along. I’m hoping to have a little fun with them. Join me if you’d like.

TWITTER (@ShipleyTabatha) I’m WAY into Twitter games for finding new authors and geeking out over what they’re all writing. I’m attempting to play FOUR this month (I may be crazy) because they all sounded amazing and I couldn’t choose!

#characterstell This is a fun one. The characters of a work-in-progress (WIP) take over your twitter and tweet as themselves. They answer questions. This month the focus is ART and for the first week the tweets are courtesy of your Main Character (MC). I was planning to play with my current Fraun novel, but the characters had other plans. It’s been taken over by the ladies who are starring in my yet-to-be-named story I recently started. Should be interesting.

Here they are introducing themselves (and me, sort of)

#authorconfession I have played along with this one before. The great creators of this board always give us something interesting to confess or talk about based on our WIP. I’m playing this one using the 3rd (okay sometimes the 2nd) Fraun book. If you’re itching for Kingdom of Fraun news follow this one.

Today’s task: Introduce the WIP as a coffee order

#sensationalWIP This is a new one. It’s an interesting take on describing your WIP. Basically you answer questions about the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the world your characters inhabit. I’m going to answer all of these about the Kingdom of Fraun too. I’ll try and avoid spoilers.

Today’s task: Describe the world with one scent, taste, and sound.

#whatinyourworld Another new one for me. The focus is on describing the world you’ve created. This week we’re talking about Flora/Fauna/Geography in our worlds. I went with Fraun again so lots of information coming this month.

Today’s was a pretty simple introduction so I included the screen shot of what’s coming.

Instagram (@AuthorTabathaShipley)

I’ve never participated in an Instagram game before, but I’m going to give it a shot. By the looks of what I’ve picked this one will be more about me as a READER than me as a WRITER. Which is fun! I’ve picked three that sound awesome.

#augustlitwrit Basically a month of questions relating to being a writer. You’ll get all sorts of things from inspiration to WIP to characters. I’m excited!

My August goal, which is really simple.

#bookshelfbuzz I’m a big reader and I read everything. I was looking for a fun way to share that and found this! You’ll get lots of posts about books I love and what I’m reading. YAY!

Today’s post is all the books I’m likely to recommend to you (including mine)

#foxreadsAugust2018 Another reader based one. This one is basically a chance to show off different books I’ve loved and their characters. I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you.

My August to-be-read (half of it anyway)

Let me know if there’s any you think I should try in September!

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