Looking Toward November

I’ve been thinking about November already and goals I want to set for November. First, let’s talk about October’s progress.


  • Write 1,400 words per day


      • Nope. Not even close. I’m at a 901 word average so far this month. Why? Well, I can blame the hockey schedule. I can blame my sore knee. I can blame a lot of things. But, really, I think I need to switch up my projects. More on that in a minute.


  • Read 140 pages per day


      • I’m average 128 pages per day right now. I’ll probably make this one, or at least finish close. Not too shabby.


  • Blog 10 times this month


      • I’ve blogged 5 times. Halfway to the goal and past halfway through the month.


  • Walk 6,500 steps per day


    • This one I think I can blame on my sore knee. I’m averaging 6,100 right now. I was doing well for awhile there, but it kind of stalled out when I injured myself. Yuck.


Reflecting on all of that, I made a few decisions about November. Here’s what I’ve come up with (so far).


  • I’m going back to Fraun


      • If this book I’m working on now (The Academy) wants to get finished, it better get wrapped up in October. Because starting November 1, I’m letting myself dive back into the Kingdom of Fraun series.
      • I have some work to do on books 2 and 3.
      • I also think I’m ready to start outlining book 4.
      • My social media games may be HEAVILY Fraun focused. Get ready, fans.


  • Time to find the beauty around me


      • Thanks to some inspiration from some awesome people, I’m starting a new project in November.
      • Over on Instagram, I’m going to post a picture every day that simply shows something beautiful I encountered that day. A sunset, a flower, a tree, whatever! I’m going to find a hashtag that works for the project (there are a lot to look into) and post!
      • Join me if you’d like. Let’s find the beauty in the world we inhabit!


  • Allow myself to refocus


    • Do you ever get overly hung up on goals? I think that’s where I was this month. I’m going to push to finish October strong, but I am going to allow myself to refocus in November.


How about you? How are your October goals going? What are your November goals? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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