November Games

By now you’re familiar with the fact that I play a lot of writing games on social media. Here’s my monthly update into what you can find and where you can find it for November!

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Twitter (@ShipleyTabatha)

If you’re looking for Kingdom of Fraun updates, this is the place to hang out! In fact, if you’re a die hard Kingdom of Fraun fan and you aren’t on Twitter yet…you may want to get on Twitter for this one.

  • #WIPquisition and #authorconfession-A lot of questions about Jordyn and his antagonist, all answered with Book 2 in mind. If you’re looking for spoilers, you won’t get them (I tried to avoid them) but you will get lots of information.
  • #WIPWorldBuilders-This one is a great one to follow if you’re overly curious about how the government works in Kingdom of Fraun. You’ll get lots of answers about the Council of Kings, things that don’t appear in any book but that you may have wondered yourself.
  • #sensationalWIP-Like last month, I’m not 100% sure how the prompts will fall for this one, as they’re not usually posted early (just topics). But it’s usually different ways of looking at the main character.
  • #characterchaos-This is a new one and one you’ll want to watch if you’re a Jordyn fan. Jordyn is tweeting these this month. That’s right. First person answers from the MC for Book 2 himself. Warning: He does occasionally use big words.


Instagram and Facebook (@AuthorTabathaShipley)

  • I’m challenging myself (and you, if you’re so inclined) to post a picture of something (anything) that reminds you there is beauty in the world.
    • Rule: It has to be something you saw THAT DAY
    • Use the hashtags #stopandsee and/or #findthebeauty


Lastly, Goodreads (Tabatha_Shipley)

  • Navigate yourself to my author page on Goodreads
  • Mark “Breaking Eselda” and/or “30 Days Without Wings” as WANT TO READ
    • Or READ, if that happens to be true for you
  • While you’re there, follow my Goodreads page or ask me a question (I always answer them)
  • I’m going to be choosing someone who has the book marked as WANT TO READ and sending them a FREE ebook copy of the book! Two different people will win because I will do a free ebook copy of EACH BOOK!  
  • This is a GREAT promotion, I hope you’ll join us!


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