30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 14

Favorite Movies to (Re)Watch?

All 8 Harry Potter movies stacked in order by release date
Harry Potter and the…
Doesn’t matter. I’ll watch them all. They’re comfort movies. I watch them when I’m sad, cold, sick, bored, lonely. They’re just amazing.
6 Star Wars movies stacked in order of when they actually take place
Star Wars
Pick an episode, any episode. Do I wanna watch…? YES, the answer is yes.
17 Again
Boondock Saints
Fever Pitch
Gone in 60 Seconds
National Treasure
Ocean's Eleven
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Here’s my random favorites. If I’m picking the movie there’s at least an 80% chance it’s one of these.
All 10 Seasons of Friends arranged in order from left to right
Stop with your “that’s not a movie” chatter. Look, they’re on my DVD shelf, okay? I’m counting it. These are the movies you’ll catch me watching when I’m cleaning, packing, or wrapping Christmas presents. I love me some Friends.

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