30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 15

I don’t normally post these at night, but bullet pointing my whole day will certainly require posting when the day is done. Here we go…

  • 5:28 AM, the alarm clock drags me out of the warm cocoon of sleep
  • Twitter games from the warm hug that is my bed
  • Wake up kid #1, he’s supposed to be in the shower
  • Insert coffee
  • Help kid #2 find something to wear for “Hawaiian spirit day” (yay for random sarong)
  • Pack lunches
  • Retie kid #2’s sarong
  • Download kindle app just to try it
  • Download ten books because I have a kindle unlimited trial
  • Start reading one because it’ll disappear after the trial
  • Read a page
  • Retie kid #2’s sarong
  • Read a page
  • Retie kid #2’s sarong
  • Coffee refill
  • Read until kids get picked up (35 pages, not bad)
  • Writing Challenge started (Hello, this is now live)
  • Breakfast 😉
  • Time to work on Kingdom of Fraun (1,702 words, yay!)
  • Checked Amazon and BN to make sure my editorial reviews showed up (they did)
  • Reading again (I do that a lot, 70 more pages)
  • Reviews for the last 4 books I read up on Goodreads
  • Oh, hey, it’s time to go get that haircut I scheduled! Be back later…
    • Check out this recognition that came in while I was getting my haircut
  • Lunch 😉
    • Also squeaked in 318 words on Fraun between bites (not too bad)
  • Marketing research, Holiday Sales are coming
  • Time to pick up the kids (I totally read 19 pages in the parent pick up line too)
  • Supervised (and helped with) the kids’ homework while snacking
  • Got lost in the Twitter-verse for awhile while kid #2 was working on a project
  • Oops, time to make dinner
  • Ooohhhh nnnnoooo we have hockey (take your dinner to go, kids)
  • Final (for real this time) read through of Fraun book 2 at hockey practice (6 chapters)
  • Back at home, clean up from dinner

That’s a wrap for me today, folks. It’s only 8:30 here, but I’m calling it a done day. Time to put on some leggings, pour a glass of wine, and watch the local hockey game on TV. Of course, hubs also has hockey so I’ll probably catch up on some TV shows he hates while he’s out (hello SVU) and fall asleep in front of the TV.


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