30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 28

Laughter is the best medicine so this is a great prompt while I’m recovering from my morning out-patient surgery. Here are five things that make me laugh-out-loud (in no particular order).

Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it. This movie never fails to make me laugh. Just thinking about the scene where Will Smith is teaching Kevin James to dance makes me laugh.
Auto Correct Fails
These will make me laugh until tears are streaming out of my eyes. 
Big Bang Theory
I don’t necessarily laugh at every episode but there have definitely been times I have to pause because I’m laughing too hard to hear the next lines.
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy, in general, is hilarious. Give him his own show and let him play random games with celebrities and I laugh until it hurts. I can’t even pick a favorite game he’s played. I love them all!
My Husband
Whether he’s intentionally being a goofball or it happens by accident, this guy makes me laugh all the time.

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