30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 29

I haven’t given much thought to how November really went (because it went so fast) or how December will go yet. I guess today is as good a day as any to do just that.

November Wrap-Up

First, let me say this. November is not over! These will not be my official numbers until tomorrow. I usually post my final totals on the first of the next month (along with my new goals) over on Instagram (@AuthorTabathaShipley). 

  • Write 1,400 Words Per Day
    • This didn’t happen. Blame my surgery, blame the weekend I spend at a hockey tournament in California, blame the memorial service, blame whatever you want. The bottom line is (unless today and tomorrow are amazing) I’m clocking in at an average of just under 1,100 per day.
  • Read 140 Pages Per Day
    • Read excuses above. I’m calculating an average of just under 110 pages per day so far.
  • Blog 10 Times
    • Badaboom, a goal I met! Obviously, this 30 Day Writing Challenge helped. I’m actually really proud of myself for posting a Writing Challenge every single day so far (even from hockey tournaments in California, the day of surgery, and on the day of the memorial service). I blew this goal away and blogged a total of 29 days (so far) on this blog and 3 days on my book review blog.

These were my only goals in November. It’s good I didn’t have an official walking goal (because with the knee surgery slowing me down I only averaged a ridiculously low 5,500 steps per day. (Yes, I track that even when it’s not a goal…perfectionist, remember?)

December Goals

So what does all that mean for December? Well let’s break that down, shall we?

  • Write 1,400 words per day
    • I’m determined to make it happen in December. It didn’t happen in September, October, or November. December is going to be my month! Holidays can’t stop me.
  • Read 140 Pages Per Day
    • This goal did happen in October. I may have missed it in November but I’m hoping to come back to life next month.
  • Blog 10 Times
    • I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to undertake another daily writing challenge. I may push it out to a weekly writing challenge. 
    • If you’re interested in joining me OR in reading mine, please comment so I know!
    • Challenge or no challenge, I’m committing to blogging at least 10 times in December.
  • Walk Daily
    • I’m not putting a step count on this, because that heavily depends on my doctor’s recommendations. However, I will be back to walking Saturday. I’m walking every day.

Writing Games

It’s not really a December writing post if I don’t tell you about the social media games and projects I’m undertaking, right? Here’s what I’m thinking…

  • Twitter (@ShipleyTabatha)
    • I’m diving back into #characterstell this month. It’s a hashtag writing game where you post AS a character. Each week focuses on a different character; main character, antagonist, background character, etc. I’m using Kingdom of Fraun sequels for this one so Fraun fans will want to follow along.
    • I’m also rejoining #OrganicWIP this month. This one forces me to look at characters and worlds from different angles and talk about how things evolve as you work on the book. I’m talking Fraun sequels for this game too.
    • #authorconfession will probably happen. They haven’t posted a new board yet (usually goes up the last day of the previous month) but I’m sure I’ll play. This one is always loaded with fun questions about the world and characters.
  • Instagram (@AuthorTabathaShipley)
    • I’ve had a lot of fun posting #findthebeauty #stopandsee pictures in November but some days were a real challenge to post! I think I’ll continue challenging myself to post those but allow myself a little leniency on the once a day rule. 
  • Facebook (@AuthorTabathaShipley)
    • I’ve slacked on Facebook, I’ll be honest. For December I plan to do at least 2 live videos (I have 2 events so that’s not an accidental number). 
    • I’ll also post a few aesthetics or fun facts this month (I’m aiming for 2)

That’s in, those are my December goals. 

Remember to comment and tell me if you’d be interested in participating in a daily (or weekly) Writing Challenge in December!

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