30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 30

First, let me say this in case you decide not to stick around until the end of the post. I am going to be loading up a December Writing Challenge tomorrow. The December Writing Challenge will be WEEKLY with very generic topics. You can post daily if you want (on topic) or just once a week. Totally up to you! Please let me know if you plan to play, I’d love to check out your blog too!

Lows for the Month

Every month has lows, right? There have been low points this year, this month. But let’s talk about a few of the big ones that I had to step over to make progress.

  • Memorial Service-My grandmother passed away in July. This month we had a memorial service for her here at the park where she spent so many years enjoying retirement. It was the end of an era as my family realized we have no further reason to be at that park anymore. It has been terribly difficult to say goodbye to this amazing matriarch of my family and, if I’m being honest, I’m still adjusting to the new normal. 
  • Thanksgiving-Normally for my family this holiday is a HUGE high note. It’s one of my absolute favorites, if not my favorite. We have great traditions, spend time together, and always have good laughs. This year, for the first time ever, we had to travel on Thanksgiving. We spent the holiday driving to California for my son’s hockey tournament. The tournament itself wasn’t bad, but basically missing the holiday was kind of a low note. 
  • Knee Surgery-As a perfectionist NOTHING irks me more than having to rely on other people and seeming weak. This knee surgery is kicking my butt. I was in a knee brace (torn meniscus and severe cartilage damage) for about eight weeks before I could get in for the surgery. Now, 48 hours after the actual surgery, I’m not recovering as quickly as I’d like (read: instantaneously) and I’m definitely judging my progress harshly. This, my first ever surgery, has been interesting. Let’s say I’m not eager to have another surgery and I’m hoping I don’t have to for a long time.

Highs for the Month

Thankfully, every month also comes with highs. Those beautiful little moments help us find a reason to push past the lows and keep trucking. My November wasn’t without them. Let’s take a look.

  • Family-It’s been said that nothing brings a family together like weddings and funerals. I’ve been blessed to be able to see a lot of my extended family this month as they came to celebrate the life of my grandmother. I also saw the California relatives again when they came to support my son at his tournament. Seeing those relatives, connecting with them, and laughing with them was my favorite high point this month.
  • Hockey Tournament-My husband and I long ago decided that we would use the travel hockey tournaments as an excuse to take a family vacation. Sure the schedule isn’t up to us entirely and hockey is the focus. But why can’t we make the best of it? This trip we waded into the ocean twice, drove up the California coast, had some truly wonderful food, soaked in a hot tub, and played some epic air hockey games. 
  • Writing-I’ve been eager to get going on Book 4 of the Kingdom of Fraun series for awhile. I had some basic ideas but nothing too flushed out. That all changed this month. The outline is finally coming together, the characters are alive and well, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the direction this one is going in.


I’ve had a GREAT time being introspective this month and diving into the 30 Day Writing Challenge. I hope you’ll join me for the December Writing Game. Let me know if the comments if you’re in!

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