February Poetry

To refresh your memory: One of my 2020 goals is to post more poetry, scenes, or short stories to the blog. Usually when I post these scenes they’re directly out of my idea journal. But I also participate in an Instagram challenge where I draft a poem based on a prompt and post it up the same day with very little editing.

Today I’m sharing February’s poems (and maybe a little commentary) with you.

This one went up on February 3. That means, even with good intentions, I started this challenge by missing the first two days. Buckle up, that’s how this month went.

Anyway, the challenge prompt this time was “in a single breath”.

As far as this challenge goes, I’m pretty pleased with this one. I liked the way it came together, I liked the imagery it created. Honestly, I hated the way the color sort of bled in that lower right box, but I just sort of went with it. If the poem is good but the graphic is wonky, that’s a good place to be… I think.

February 6 and the prompt was “amethyst and amber”.

This prompt reminded me of the January prompt that also focused on color, but I was determined to take this one in a different direction. So brainstorming on those colors reminded me of sunsets (we get some cool ones in Arizona).

This one, unfortunately, showed me I have a style. It’s too much like a few of the ones I’ve posted in the past for this challenge. But, as per my own self-imposed rules, I posted it anyway.

Here’s a gallery of some of the ones it reminded me of.

February 7, “garden of tomorrow”

Of all the poems I posted this month this one snags my little heart strings the most. You are all likely aware that I am a former elementary school teacher (and current substitute). I also have 2 kids. So–let’s just say children are a big deal for me.

This haiku has pretty deep meaning just below the surface.

Fun fact: the blurred images in the background are newspaper front pages from important events in history. Purposely blurred because the statement WASN’T about the events themselves.

February 11, “wired love”.

This one could’ve been ripped right out of my YA Contemporary (which takes place in the 90s). It also could’ve been ripped right out of my teenage years, although my phone wasn’t red.

February 24-The prompt for the poetry challenge was (again) two colors: violet and verditer. The prompt for another challenge I’ve been (half-heartedly) participating is was Lost in a Daydream. I decided to spin the color challenge by combining it with the daydream prompt.

Upon further research (ahem-thank you, Google) I also learned verditer is a kind of bird. Actually, it may be the bird we get the color name from, as they have this beautiful blue color themselves.

Anyway, I decided to use the bird in the image.

Full disclosure-I hate the way the image turned out. But I was playing around with it for entirely too much time. I decided to just go with it and move on after about an hour. The poem isn’t bad.

Really, it’s sad that I’m about to say this. But… that’s it for February! 5 little poems. YIKES! I’ll try to do better in March.

Comment below what you think of the challenge. Do you have a favorite?

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