March Wrap Up

March is over. 

Are you as happy as I am that we made it through that month? 

A video dropped today on the YouTube channel wrapping up my month. You know what that means… companion post. 


  • I film these the weekend before they have to go up. Meaning I really “end my month” before the month is over. Weird, I know, but it works for the schedule. This month that kind of worked because the last day of the month was actually a Tuesday so we filmed pretty close! YAY. 


  • 33,742 total words (so far).
  • Highest writing day was yesterday (3/30) when I wrote 4,025 words. 
  • Overall, 10 days were over 1500 words and an additional 3 days were over 1000. 
  • I averaged 1,088 words per day in March. 


Because you know I love me some statistics. 

Genre Count

Fun mix of genres this month. The fantasy bar takes the top spot this month, but it’s really only one book ahead of Mystery/Thriller and Contemporary. I feel like one of these months (once the libraries are reopened) I’ll challenge myself to read genres I don’t normally read. Maybe I’ll even take suggestions. Drop a comment if you have a suggestion of a genre I don’t normally hit and I’ll keep it in mind!


Remember that I give 3 stars to books that have a niche audience. Basically this means you may not love them even if they’re in a genre you normally read. They could have fantasy elements in a mystery story, for example. They’re still good books. Keeping that in mind, this was a good reading month. Look, no 1 star books! That’s awesome. 

46% of what I read this month was independently published. 

I know you’re probably not over-analyzing all my trends so I’ll tell you this fact… that’s the exact same percentage as February. Weird coincidence, right?


  • I started March really confident because I kept my official TBR really low. 
  • Then the news went crazy, everyone was quarantined, and my focus took a huge hit.
  • I think I salvaged the month. I could’ve been worse, basically. 

I’m calling March a win.


Check out more information about what goals I hit, whether I’m on track to make them all by the end of 2020, and my bubbling personality (of course). 

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