Diversity, Companion Post

Today a video dropped on my YouTube channel that talks about diversity in reading and writing. Here’s a few things you should know about that video. 

  • I truly think all people are equal. That means, when a group is hurting, I believe they need support. That means I’m an advocate for Black Lives Matter, among other things. If that bothers you, this video will likely bother you. 
  • The shirt I’m wearing is NOT widely available for purchase. Although the front of the shirt lent itself beautifully to the message, it’s actually a shirt for the 30 Days Without Wings project.
  • In the video I specifically talk about the importance of READING and WRITING diversity. If you have a book recommendation for me related to that, go ahead and drop the comment below. We all know my TBR is a bit out of control (almost 400 books strong as of writing this) but I will do my best!
  • If you are a blogger who wants your voice amplified on a similar topic, drop a link to a post below so we can check you out! I’ll be re-blogging as the week goes on. 

Thanks for being here. Enjoy the video!

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