June Book Reviews, Part 2

I’ve finished my next 5 book reviews for June. Let’s dive into the details.


Age Category: 2 YA, 3 Adult

I got into a discussion about young adult books with someone at the bookstore the other day and felt like I had to explain why I read them. I felt like it was something I had to defend. In the end, she was really kind about it and sweet. I think she even bought one that I recommended. But I don’t feel like defending them again. So, whatever. Yes, I read books written for people younger than me sometimes. Whatever. 

Author’s Gender: 0M, 5F 

I don’t usually comment on gender lately, but I find this one interesting. I’m still not sure what this says or why I track it, honestly. It is what it is. 

Genres: 3 Fantasy, 1 Mystery/Thriller, 1 Contemporary

To some extent, I read what I’m in the mood for. I have my TBR ahead of the month, but I choose from that list based on what I’m wanting to read at the moment. In addition, I rarely have a set TBR for audiobooks, so those are strictly what I was in the mood for. I guess that means I was in a fantasy mood this time around. Not surprising, I suppose. What better way to escape our currently stressful reality than to drop into a completely made up world?

Indie Authors: 3 No, 2 Yes

Have you noticed that’s my norm? It’s because I tend to alternate between indie and traditional for each book I read. So, if I’m reading an indie, the next book will be trad. This is harder (although not impossible) with audiobooks, so sometimes that messes with my data. 

Total Pages Read: 1,702

Average Pages per Book: 340.4

We’re officially far enough into 2020 that I’ve forgotten what my average was in 2019. So I have no idea if this is good anymore. Oops.

Ratings: 3, 3, 3, 4, 4

All good books in this crop, which is nice. 

Book Notes That Didn’t Make the Video

Daughter of the Marmaros

  • This was an electronic Advanced Reader Copy provided to me by the author, who I’ve read before! 
  • I don’t mention it in the video but you should know there are some mentions of genitals and sex in this one because of the pregnancy. I will say it’s handled REALLY well, almost like a scientific explanation of what is going on. 
  • Support indie authors and get your recently released copy of this one here

You’re Next

  • This was an electronic Advanced Reader Copy from NetGalley. 
  • I believe this is the third book I’ve read that has been published by Jimmy Patterson. I believe I’ve given them all the same rating. They all have the potential to be great but they need more focus and polish, in my opinion. 
  • Preorder yourself a copy here before the release date of July 7.

Before I Fall

  • I listened to this one as an audiobook from my library. 
  • This probably would’ve been a 4-5 star book if the main character was just a little more likeable. I cannot express to you how much I hated this girl. I kept having flashbacks to terrible bullying and experiences from my own life, which is not a pleasant way to read a book. 
  • Grab yourself a copy of this one here

The Darkling

  • I purchased this one an ebook when it earned the shield for being the highest rated book on my TBR before the month started. 
  • I previously rated the first book in this series 4 stars. 
  • Yes, the cover still bothered me. I have issues with images that contain little circles. This one was a bit better simply because I read it as an ebook, which means I don’t keep seeing the cover. 
  • Support indie authors and grab yourself a copy here

A Soft Place to Land

  • I purchased a physical copy of this one from the used bookstore when it earned the shield for the lowest rated book on my TBR before the month started. 
  • I have a sister. Just one and she’s younger. So right away this book thrust me into a situation I could easily imagine my sister and I having to navigate. For me, this one was relatable not because it ever happened (thank goodness) but because I could see us battling through something like this. 
  • Grab yourself a copy here

The Video

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