September Wrap Up

September 2020 has come and gone. The official wrapup video just dropped over on the YouTube channel. Let’s dive into some behind-the-scenes information, shall we?


  • We filmed this one on 9/26. Since then I HAVE finished The Dark Restarter (as promised). 
  • Did you notice the lack of doggie nails clicking on the floor? That’s because the temperature outside was below 90 degrees so he was hanging out in the backyard. Fall is here! 
  • I mentioned I made the calendar for videos for the rest of the year … but it’s a loose calendar! So if you want to see something or tag me in a tag video, YOU STILL CAN! I promise 😉 


25104 words written so far (I have today and tomorrow still)

  • Highest writing days were the 1st and the 8th when I wrote 2309 words (yes, each day).
  • Overall, 8 days were above 1500 words and an additional 5 days were above 1000. Which, honestly, isn’t the best. But I’ll take it. 
  • I averaged an acceptable 800 words per day in September. Again, so far. If I have monster writing days today and tomorrow … nevermind, it’ll probably stay right where it is. 


Because I cannot resist analyzing this stuff. 

Genre Count

This makes sense because the fall season approaching always puts me in the mood for Science Fiction or Horror. Of course, of these 9 books I finished only 2 were mood reads. The rest were shield challenges, review requests, or ARCs. But I make that review and ARC schedule too, so I sort of had this worked out this way. Just for fun, the mood reads were the NonFiction and one of the Horror books. 

Star Ratings

Amazing, right? I think I mentioned on the video that I just enjoyed these books and it felt like a good reading month. This is why! No 1 or 2 star books. Nothing problematic. Everything was Good-GREAT! So awesome.

44% of what I read this month was independently published. That’s a pretty good percentage. You know me, I like to keep up the percentage of what I read that independently published. Months like this, when what I read was all pretty good, it’s even better when it’s almost half indie! 


  • I may have only read 9 books, but I was already at my goal for the year so I’ll TAKE IT!
  • The Ghostly YA is coming along and helping me add words to my total for the year. 
  • My goals are looking GOOD!
  • I’m calling September a WIN. 


Check out the rest of the 2020 goals and how I’m looking overall. 

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