September Reviews, Part 2

I’ve finished my next 5 book reviews for September. Let’s dive into the details.


Age Category: 5 A

The shields came up adult this time, the TBR is heavily adult, I am an adult … pick your favorite reason, I guess. 

Author’s Gender: 5 M

What the heck? Just a few weeks after finally admitting I guess I read more females than males we have a run of five books ALL authored by males? Weird!

Genres: 1 Horror, 2 Science Fiction, 1 Mystery/Thriller, 1 NonFiction

This seems like a good mix for September, rolling into fall. 

Indie Authors: 3 N, 2 Y

Just how I like it … close to 50/50.

Total Pages Read: 2,037

Average Pages per Book: 407.5 

Even without tracking it I know this is a lot. Yowza. No wonder it felt like it took me FOREVER to get through this crop of 5.  

Ratings: 3, 3, 3, 3, 5

Hello niche books, how are you? 

Seriously. This is a good time to remind you that 3 stars is NOT BAD around here. It’s GOOD. It’s just that not everyone who reads the genre will automatically love these books. Do a little research to see if you’re the right fit. Specifically, pay attention to my “Who Should Read This” section on these titles. 

Book Notes That Didn’t Make the Video

The Cabin at the End of the World

  • I bought the paperback of this one at my local used bookstore before it earned the shield. So I was glad to get it read!
  • I added this one to my TBR after another book tuber recommended it as one of their favorite reads in 2019. I honestly can’t remember who it was! 
  • Get yourself a copy of this one here

Tales of Sorcery and Silicone

  • I read this one as an ebook which I got from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
  • I am a HUGE short story fan. That probably doesn’t surprise anyone who knows the kind of endings I like. Short stories KNOW they aren’t going to be able to give you all the answers, so they come in prepared for that. I seriously LOVED the horror short in this one. 
  • Support indie authors and get yourself a copy of this one here

The 7 ½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

  • I’ve owned this one for quite some time. I picked it up at a bookstore when it was still new because I adored the simple cover and I was pulled in by the description on the back. I was REALLY glad it got recommended and I was able to actually pick it up this month!
  • This one is like a game of Clue where you’re playing all the characters one at a time. It’s startlingly addictive for people who like mysteries to unpack. 
  • Get yourself a copy of this one here

The Magnolia Story

  • I listened to this one as an audiobook (which I did mention in the video) that I borrowed from my local library’s audiobook service. I mentioned this, but it’s worth mentioning again … I HIGHLY recommend fans of the show listen to the audiobook. Having the story read to you by the Gaines’ is wonderful. 
  • I do a fast review of this one on the video. Check out my Goodreads ( for the full review.
  • I actually preferred Capital Gaines over this book, as far as non-fiction books go. I feel like Chip’s book would appeal to a wider range of readers and focused more on being an entrepreneur. But, that’s just my opinion. 
  • Get yourself a copy of this one here

The Dark Restarter

  • I previously gave the first book in this series 3 stars for having parts that dragged a little and for characters I didn’t love. But I DID love the ending and I did love the concept, meaning this one was one I wanted to see play out in book two. That’s how this one got added to the TBR (where, of course, it earned the shield in September for being the highest rated book on my TBR). 
  • I read this one as an ebook I purchased from Amazon. 
  • Support indie authors and get yourself a copy of this one here. You can also snag a copy of the first book here, in case you haven’t read that one yet (they definitely need to be read in order to keep the confusion to a minimum). 

The Video

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