NaNo2020-Planning Idea 2

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When I last left you I had mapped out the first of my two possible projects for NaNo. But I also promised to come back and share my planning for the second possible project.

Well, here is the Magic Journal idea.

Main Character: January (Janey) Tarkington

What does MC Want: To be noticed-at home, at school, in life. 

What does MC Fear: Lots of things: death, sickness and doctors, shots, the dark, spiders, spiderwebs, the number 13. These are all things she’s been taught are unlucky or inevitable but unpleasant. 

What is in the MCs Way: Age (she’s 12 almost 13-the dreaded number), parents who think life experiences are important and fears are unfounded, and kids at school who can be mean (specifically Lacey Jones). 

What is MC Willing to do to get what they want: She wants to be noticed for something remarkable and awesome. She’s not willing to embarrass herself or do something that goes against who she is just to be noticed. She wants to be noticed for being HER in some amazing way. She’s willing to do that … as soon as she figures out what that looks like. 

Theme/Lesson: There’s magic inside all of us.

Climax (where will everything change): Sitting in the Principal’s office with the journal hidden in her backpack, realizing she may be becoming something she doesn’t like. Before this she has only ever thought of herself as the hero of her story. After this she will realize she can’t become what she hates. 

Resolution (how does it end): SPOILER (but I have it written out).

Final Thoughts

  • This one turned out to be middle grade. It happened sort of by accident. I was connecting with my idea for Janey and BOOM she was only 13. Her voice is pretty juvenile and so are her goals, really.
  • The outline is not fully complete on this one. I’m stuck on a lot of points. I’m definitely stuck on how to get Janey from the climax TO that resolution.
  • I know the basic idea of what I want Janey to do with this journal, but I can’t figure out the details. I also can’t figure out how much she’ll struggle with the power once she realizes what she has. Those are big asks, especially of a 13 year-old. I have to wrap my head around this one, I think.

So, What’s Next?

Unless something drastic changes (and I’m not ruling that out since it is 2020) I think I’m going with the Hitman story. My outline has more meat to it, I know how to get from beginning-climax-resolution, and I love the character.

The Magic Journal story needs more time to roll around in my head and collect detail. I need more time to think about this one, basically. I’ll write someday … but I don’t think I’m going to try and write it all in November.

We Have a Project

  • I’ll be officially dropping Hitman (I’m terrible at titles, I’ll come up with one someday) onto my NaNo board.
  • I won’t start writing chapter 1 until November 1st.
  • The way NaNo works is that you strive to write 1667 words each day in November. That includes weekends, holidays, and work days. It’s rough. Every year I wonder why we do this in November–through my birthday and Thanksgiving.
  • So, my ultimate goal is always 50000 words. If I have to skip a day, I try and make up for it later.
  • This is the first year in awhile that I’ve been trying to juggle so many crazy things and participate in NaNo. Failing is a realistic possibility. But I’m doing it anyway. Join me! We can have fun, connect, and make progress together.

Stay Tuned

Writing starts soon!

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