October 2020 Wrap-Up

October 2020 is coming to an end. The official wrapup video just dropped over on the YouTube channel. Let’s dive into some behind-the-scenes information, shall we?


  • We filmed this one on 10/24. It’s always so weird to film these early. Since then I’ve actually finished 2 more books. Those will be on the end of the month images over on Instagram. 
  • We’re working with a new camera, new microphone, and new tripod. Make sure you let me know if you see a difference in quality! 
  • Those ARCs I mentioned having on my shelf that I’d like to get to: Caerule by Lauren Hemphill, Ghost River by Chad Ryan, and Fate of the Vulture by Jessaca Willis. 
  • Really, I could sit down with only the reading material I already have in my house, read every single day for the entire month and STILL have things left to read. I’m trying, I promise!


20,949 words written so far (I have a few days left still).

  • Highest writing day was the 7th when I wrote 2,682 words.
  • Overall, 4 days were above 1500 words and an additional 5 days were above 1000. 
  • I averaged a rather low 775 words per day in October. 


  • I finished the GhostlyYA.
  • I picked a NaNo project.
  • I outlined my NaNo project.
  • I read at least 10 more books. 

I’m calling this month a WIN.


Check out the rest of the 2020 goals and how I’m looking overall. 

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