December Reviews 1

I’ve finished my first 5 book reviews for December. Let’s dive into the details.


Age Category: 2 YA, 3 A

Let’s just call this my normal, at this point.

Author’s Gender: 5 F


Genres: 3 Fantasy, 2 Mystery/Thriller

Although one of these beauties definitely flirts with horror. 

Indie Authors: 3 N, 2 Y

That’s a nice almost 50/50 split.

Total Pages Read: 1,802

Average Pages per Book: 360

We all know I can’t remember what “good” is anymore … but this seems good. 

Ratings: 2, 2, 3, 3, 5

YAY, another 5-star. I was starting to think I was broken. I’ve been in sort of a slump, yeah? 

Book Notes That Didn’t Make the Video


  • I listened to this one as an audiobook I borrowed from my local library app. 
  • This one gave me major Red Queen vibes. Not that their basic story is the same … but they use very similar tropes and voice. 
  • Get yourself a copy of this one here

Flame in the Mist

  • This was the second attempt at reading this one, actually. First, I borrowed it as an audiobook from my local library. I made it just over 50% of the way through before I DNF’d the audiobook. I just couldn’t get into the story. Then, I decided, it may be the format. Sometimes audio just isn’t best. So I borrowed the physical copy from the library, which is what I read this time. 
  • I cannot speak to the accuracy (or inaccuracy) of the culture used in the book. I am NOT an expert on ancient chinese traditions or cultures. 
  • Get yourself a copy here.

A Stranger in the House

  • I borrowed this one as an audiobook from the local library because I enjoyed a previous book by this author. 
  • I think the short, clipped sentences are masked pretty well by this narrator. Audiobook certainly doesn’t make it WORSE, which is good. I did look at the sample chapter on Amazon to confirm that we’re dealing with sentences written that way … and we are. 
  • Get yourself a copy of this one here

A Song for the Road

  • I received an electronic ARC from the author and Book Sprouts.
  • I have previously read (and adored) Long Grows the Dark and Slow Wanes the Night by this same author. This book, although still a fantasy, has a VERY DIFFERENT feel. They appeal to different audiences, for sure. 
  • Support indie authors and get yourself a copy of this one here

Come Join the Murder

  • I received this one as an electronic copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
  • I like dark books. We see that trend now, yes? I don’t think I realized this about myself until very recently. But, honestly, my love for this one was more about it’s ORIGINALITY and the risks it took than about the darkness it possessed. 
  • Support indie authors and get yourself a copy of this one here

The Video

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