Progress Check-January

Well, I made it through January.

One month of 2021 is done. I worked my way through Fraun 4, adding scenes where I needed to tie up loose ends for the characters we love. I actually ended up adding over 10000 words to the manuscript, which is crazy. I knew I would have to add scenes but even I was shocked by how many were added. The story is better for it at the end of the day. 

So what’s next in February?

I’ve decided to work on a short story anthology. You probably already know I’m a big fan of short stories. I like little snapshots of someone’s life. I really like it if they have a common theme. That’s what had been holding me up from collecting things into an anthology in the past, a common theme. Today I figured out the one I will use for the anthology: TRUST. 

I’m collecting stories that have a common issue with trust. There are lots of ways to play around with this single word and I’m planning on tackling a lot of them. Some of the stories will be variations of things you’ve seen before. Some of them will almost sound like they’re ripped out of modern headlines. But, at the end of the day, they’ll all be about trust. I’m EXCITED to start compiling. 

Big Things Coming

You’ll keep hearing me scream about Fraun for a while. Fraun 4 has to get finished and have a release. Plus, Fraun 5 needs to be edited and beta read. The epic saga of the kingdom is almost done … but expect to hear about it until it is!

Magical YA will hopefully have a 2021 release as well. Although I’ve been focused on talking about Fraun, betas are hard at work on this one too. I have a lot to do if I’m planning on putting out two books this year. Expect me to switch to talking about that one really soon. 

Basically, I adore your support on all of my platforms. Thanks for helping me with this journey to writing greatness. Love you all!

Check out the full January Progress Check over on YouTube … don’t forget to subscribe! 

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