March 2022 Reading Stats

March is over. It’s time to take a look back on what I read this month, see if I’m still on track for my massive reading goal, and get you some good reading recommendations.

  • 12 Books (Less than January but more than February … I’ll take it)
  • 3,798 Pages
  • 122 Pages per day (Nice, I like it when it’s over 100)


I don’t have official reading per day/month goals. I have a year long goal (104 books) which breaks down to 2 per week. Sometimes I’m ahead. Sometimes I’m behind. Technically there’s already been 13 weeks this year so in a perfect world I would’ve finished 26 books this year. I’m ahead of that. Also, in a perfect world I’d read about 100 pages a day (preference) but sometimes life gets in the way. So when I reference my silent goals or my unofficial goals … I probably mean these. 

You already know I read a little of everything. Let’s see if that held true in March.


  • 4 Fantasy
  • 3 Contemporary Fiction
  • 1 Romance
  • 3 Mystery/Thriller
  • 1 Nonfiction

Whoops, I was pretty fantasy heavy this month. Actually, it looks like most of my reading fell into my three most common genres this month. Maybe it was a comfort reading sort of thing? Either way, worth keeping an eye on in future months. Let’s check to see if they were all the same age range …


  • 2 Middle Grade
  • 3 Young Adult
  • 7 Adult

I’m glad to see middle grade pop up on here. Not surprising to see adult age category books running away with my time though. As I’ve said before, I’m an adult so it makes sense.


  • 7 Borrowed from the library or someone else
  • 3 Advanced Reader Copies or Review Copies from publishers or authors
  • 2 Purchased outright over the years

Here’s a graph showing the format I get all those from. In other words, here’s a graph that shows I borrow a lot of audiobooks from the library, I will literally review any format, and I have a habit of buying paperbacks. 

Fun Fact, I actually messed up my own statistics a little here because I was sent a review copy of a book in ebook format and then purchased the paperback. For our purposes, I went ahead and coded the paperback as a review … since that was the intention.

Speaking of review requests, let’s see how I did on my indie vs traditional reading.

  • 5 Independently Published
  • 0 Traditionally Published Advanced Reader Copies
  • 7 Backlist Titles

Not too bad. Even better when I consider that 100% of the traditionally published books I read this month were from the library. It keeps my library in business, and saves my money for purchasing from independent authors.

Need a Rec?

5 Star Go Add This to Your Shelf Immediately:

  • Pieces & Parts, A Mystery/Thriller. This is actually the sequel to Bits & Pieces, which you should also add to your shelf immediately. This thriller will add paranormal elements, a little romance, and characters you’ll absolutely fall in love with to a storyline that will captivate you. 

4 Star Worth Reading if you like this Genre:

  • Sidetracked, YA Fantasy. This one features a realistic main character in a paranormal environment. Great exploration of a character the reader has instant distrust for despite the character trusting them from the get go. The sequel comes out this month, so grab this one to prepare!
  • The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl, MG Contemporary. Adorable story of a girl who wants to hide the fact that she’s a mathematical savant to seem more “normal” at school. Great messages about learning to appreciate what makes us different. Plus, there’s dogs. 
  • The Body, A Contemporary. I have to use “contemporary” loosely here because it was set in the 1960s. You’ve likely seen the movie Stand by Me, based on this short book. I’d recommend giving the audiobook a listen. It’s a great story.

That’s my March. Not too bad, overall. 33 books down for the year and well on my way to making that massive reading goal.

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