April 2022 Reading Stats

Whew, this year seems like it’s flying by, doesn’t it? Anyway, April is over (by a few days haha) so it’s time to check in on my massive reading goal. Plus, you’ll need some good book recommendations. Stick around through this post to get those!

8 Books (Not my highest but I’ll take it)

3,139 Pages

104 Pages per day (Barely squeaked out that unofficial goal YIKES)


I don’t have official reading per day/month goals. I have a year long goal (104 books) which breaks down to 2 per week. Sometimes I’m ahead. Sometimes I’m behind. Technically there’s already been 17 weeks this year so in a perfect world I would’ve finished 34 books this year. I’m ahead of that. Also, in a perfect world I’d read about 100 pages a day (preference) but sometimes life gets in the way. So when I reference my silent goals or my unofficial goals … I probably mean these.

So far this year I’ve pretty much kept up with my “I read everything” claim. Let’s see if that was still true in April.


  • 3 Contemporary Fiction
  • 1 Fantasy
  • 1 Horror
  • 2 Science Fiction
  • 1 Mystery/Thriller

A little heavy on the contemporary fiction, but still a decent spread overall. I wonder if they were at least a variety of age ranges …


  • 4 Young Adult
  • 3 Adult

So, no … not really. Actually this may be the first time all year books written for adults haven’t come out on top, which is strange. These are my two most common age ranges though.


  • 5 Borrowed from the library or someone else
  • 1 Advanced Reader Copies or Review Copies from publishers or authors
  • 1 Purchased outright over the years
  • 1 Giveaway Win (which I’m sure they’d like me to review, so I’ll graph it in the Review section)

Speaking of graphs, here’s that graph showing the format I get all those from. In other words, here’s a graph that shows I borrow a lot of audiobooks from the library, I will literally review any format, and I have a habit of buying paperbacks. 

Honestly it’s a good thing my library has a vast selection of audiobooks I can borrow. I’ve gotten really spoiled by having those available for parent pickup lines and long drives. I’m not sure what I’d do if I didn’t have audiobooks! Yes, I do also review audiobooks, but lately I’ve been slacking a little on signing up for those. I’m sure I’ll get back to it at some point.

Talking about reviews reminds me to check in on my indie vs traditional percentage.

  • 3 Independently Published
  • 0 Traditionally Published Advanced Reader Copies
  • 5 Backlist Titles

Not too bad. I’d like to see it a little closer to 50/50 but I’d also like to get through this massive back list of traditionally published titles. It’s a hard balance to strike.

Need a rec?

5 Star-Go Add This to Your Shelf Immediately:

  • Lock In, Science Fiction. Technically Adult but nothing in there would keep me from handing it to a Young Adult. Great characters, excellent blending of a detective novel with a science fiction story, and technology used in an interesting way. 
  • All His Pretty Girls, A Mystery/Thriller. Satisfying mystery, solid characters, and definitely full of that creepy factor.

4 Star-Worth Reading if You Read This Genre:

  • Us Against You, A Contemporary. Big themes, great characters, and basically just an emotional roller coaster of a book.
  • With the Fire on High, YA Contemporary. Great life lessons wrapped in a story about a high school student who dreams of being a chef.

That’s a wrap on my April progress, friends. Thanks for checking in on me and keeping me honest. Follow my Goodreads page (link in sidebar) for updates and reviews as they come. I’m sitting at 42 book read/reviewed for the year (I think) so I’m on track to make this goal. Wish me luck!

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