June 2022 Reading Stats

I swear I can count! It’s 11 books, not 10. OOPS

11 Books 

3,393 Pages

113 Pages per day (YAY, back above that unofficial average I like to be at)


I don’t have official reading per day/month goals. I have a year long goal (104 books) which breaks down to 2 per week. Sometimes I’m ahead. Sometimes I’m behind. Also, in a perfect world I’d read about 100 pages a day (preference) but sometimes life gets in the way. So when I reference my silent goals or my unofficial goals … I probably mean these. 


  • 1 Literary Fiction
  • 1 Graphic Novel
  • 1 Contemporary
  • 2 Fantasy
  • 1 Romance
  • 2 Mystery/Thrillers
  • 1 Historical Fiction
  • 2 Science Fiction

Every time I feel like I’m reading too much of the same stuff I have a month like this. I like my variety, what can I say? But then there’s age range …


  • 5 Young Adult
  • 6 Adult

I default to these two age ranges, which you probably already knew. I do read other age ranges, but this is the bulk of what I read.


  • 7 Borrowed from the library or someone else
  • 1 Advanced Reader Copies or Review Copies from publishers or authors
  • 3 Purchased outright over the years

Speaking of graphs, here’s that graph showing the format I get all those from. It was a crazy month for library usage (summers typically are around here). 

As I mentioned last month, I have no self control in a library. I will TRY to tell myself I’m just going to return one. Then I’ll end up deciding I’ll just check out one thing from my backlist. Then I’ll find two with covers that grab my eye on the way by. Before I know it, I’ve checked out seven books. Is it a problem? Well, probably, but I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon! I love libraries.

I’m almost scared to check this next one because anytime I have a lot of library books this one gets skewed to chaos.

  • 4 Independently Published
  • 0 Traditionally Published Advanced Reader Copies
  • 7 Backlist Titles

Yup, as expected. Most of my stuff this month was backlist traditionally published.

Need a Rec?

5 Star Go Add This to Your Shelf Immediately:

  • Beneath the Snow, A Science Fiction. The beautiful cover doesn’t let you down in this amazing story about a town completely covered in snow. Great characterisation and realistic consequences for science make this one a serious must read.

4 Star Worth Reading if you like this Genre:

  • Daughter of the Burning City, YA Fantasy. An interesting journey into a traveling circus begins with a freak show populated exclusively by the main characters’ creations and it doesn’t let up from there. This is a beautiful fantasy story with big themes and creative characters. 
  • Hammer My Heart, A Romance. Two characters compete on a live reality show. They both want the prize, but to win it they may have to confront how they really feel about each other. 
  • The Letter Carrier, A Historical Fiction. If you’re interested in WWII historical fiction heavily based on a real family, look no further. This one follows a family in Nazi occupied France during WWII and features details that come directly from real life.  

That’s June! In case you aren’t keeping a running total, I’m at 61 books when June is added onto the total. I’m on track to meet that massive 104 books read/reviewed goal by the end of the year. Thank you for being here! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to catch those reviews as they drop.

Talk soon!

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