October Plans

I haven’t had a truly good writing month since January.

Best to just rip the bandaid off with the true statements right from the start, yes? So, that’s the hard reality. January was the last time I saw myself make my goals overall for the month and make enough progress to be impressed with what I was churning out. Since then … it’s been bleak. 

So what was I working on in January?

Great question. It looks like the majority of what I wrote in January was the final edits on Noises From the Other Side (which releases in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS). I also spent a lot of time putting ideas into the idea journal and a little time working on the Apocalypse Project. I sat down to write every day and on the few days when I didn’t write enough, I made up for it the next time I sat down. I wrote over 30,000 words that month. 

Just look at this beautiful graphic (originally posted to Instagram in February). EVERY BOX WAS FULL.

When I really stop and think about that number, it’s actually a little sad. There were times in the past when 30k words would’ve been a slow month. Naturally that’s caused me to start thinking my ideas are dried up. I’m starting to worry that I’ve written everything I will ever write. 

There’s a rational part of me that knows this is garbage, by the way. But it’s where I am right now mentally. 

I’ve tried putting the maturity shirt on and forcing myself to think positive (you probably saw that blog post when I tried to convince myself there was plenty of year left to hit all my goals a few months back). But … it’s looking grim around here goals wise. 

So, it’s time for a reset.

It’s time to throw the focus on the goals out the window and get back to just writing whatever I feel like writing whenever I feel like writing it. It’s time to get back to sharing what I’m doing that’s working. It’s time to start being proud of what I’m writing again.

In October, I’m taking back control of my creativity. 

Here’s what you can hold me to …

  1. I’m going to post to the blog more. If you see it, interact with it! It helps me remember that people are watching and expecting me to post. Plus, if you interact with it it shows me that those are the kinds of posts you like. 
  2. I’m going to talk about my current projects on social media. I’d expect that will either be my instagram (authortabathashipley) or my tiktok (tabathashipleybooks) or both haha. Again, interact if you see them!
  3. I’m tossing out the goals. Ok, not really. They’re still there on the paper but I’m not checking on the goals again until October is over. I’m not telling myself what to focus on, I’m just going where the muse leads me. This has ALWAYS worked for me in the past and I’m getting back to it. 

Wish me luck!

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