Checking In – Week One

We’re one week into the month where I decided to throw the schedule, the goals, and the plans out the window completely and just get back to writing what feels right when I feel like writing. 

Let’s see how that’s going. 

I really have thrown out the schedule. 

I have this document on my computer that is a schedule in 30 minute increments. It includes all the normal day-to-day things like dropping kids off at school and working the day job. It also includes boxes for writing, editing, marketing, and reading. So far in October I haven’t even looked at it. I work on whatever feels right at the moment. In fact, I’ve opened so many documents since October started that it’s stopped being a suggested document on my Google Drive. I feel like that’s a huge win. 

I am writing, reading, and editing. 

So far I’ve written 3000 words (as of yesterday), read 875 pages, and edited a chapter. I’m not going to even think about whether that’s good or not. It just is. It’s the reality. 

This is actually progress through yesterday, October 6th. Posted to IG (authortabathashipley) yesterday.

I’m working on whatever feels right at the moment. 

Most of the words so far this week have been on the SlasherWIP. I even took a break from writing the other morning and made a little aesthetic to get me in the right vibe to keep going on the project. 

All aesthetic images created via Canva. This one was shared on IG (authortabathashipley) on October 5th.

The SlasherWIP has to have a decent balance between scary and fun. It isn’t meant to be horror, it’s meant to be a thriller. Sometimes I have trouble finding this balance. So I’ve been struggling with it. Somehow deciding that this month was going to be all about working on what I want when and how I want to work on it has changed that. The words are coming again on this project and I’m not worried about it. I have good editors. If this isn’t perfect when I’m done, we’ll fix that. 

I feel productive.

Really, if you read the original post about this idea you know that isn’t always the case lately. It’s amazing to not worry about those numbers and just focus on what I’ve been able to get done. I’m proud of the fact that I’m taking the time to sit down and get things done again. 

Anyway, I have things to work on so I’ll check in again soon! 

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