NaNo Update, Almost the End

Today is November 28th. I officially have 3 days left to reach my goal of 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month. I say 3 because I haven’t written today (yet). 

Am I on track? No. 

Am I close? Yes. 

Right this second, I’m at 42117 words. According to the NaNo website’s helpful statistics page, I need 2628 words per day for the next 3 days to finish. Possible? Completely. 

Before I dive in for the day, let’s look at how I managed to get myself derailed because, if you’ve been following me on social media you know I was actually doing really well. 

Thanksgiving was (unsurprisingly) the first day I didn’t write in November. I spent the day with my family and enjoyed our time together. I was far enough ahead by this point that it didn’t really affect me. In fact, when I wrote on the 25th it put me right back on track. 

So what happened? If I can make it though Thanksgiving, I should be able to make it through anything. Right? 

Haha, no. 

Saturday brought me a full shift at work followed immediately by a hockey game for my son in the East valley. It turned out my son got a concussion in the first game of the day (while I was at work) so he actually didn’t play in the second game but we were there to support his team. We got home pretty late and the kid was on concussion protocol so no writing that day. 

Sunday I woke up with a migraine. It took most of the morning to get it under control. By the time I was finally feeling better, it was time to pack the car and get myself to an event where I was selling books. That went pretty far into the night. By the time I got home, had dinner, and unpacked from the event, I was exhausted. 

So I made it through the holiday only to be derailed by hockey, a concussion, a migraine, and an event. Not a bad way to go down, I suppose. 

Three days left to write. Two chapters left on the outline. Just under 8000 words to nab that win in NaNo. 

I’m not giving up yet. 

Let’s do this.

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