2023 Book Review: The Elite

The Elite by Kiera Cass

YA Fantasy, 2013 by Harper Teen, 336 Pages 

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The politics took a back seat here and that’s unfortunate because I liked how that made the previous book unique. 
  • Some repetition. You feel like the same few points keep coming back up over and over again. 
  • Some slow parts. I definitely wanted more to happen so the story would feel faster paced. My favorite parts of this one are definitely not the beauty competition parts so those feel too slow to me. 

What I Did Like:

  • It’s rare to read a love triangle that feels like it truly could go either way. Most of the time I have a strong opinion on a choice right from the drop. This series has truly wavered and that’s pretty cool.
  • The romance continues to be adorable. It still works. 
  • The ending is enough to bring me deep into the story and make me want to keep reading. This one ends on a high note and you definitely want to keep going with the story right away. 

Who Should Read This One:

  • Fans of the first one, obviously. This is a great continuation of the story we started. America is maturing and learning, which gives you a chance to learn with her. 
  • Love triangle fans or those who don’t mind the concept but haven’t ever found on that works. This one feels more realistic than others I’ve read. 

My Rating: 3 Stars

  • I did enjoy this one but I felt like it lacked a little from the first book. I have hope for the third, but this one felt a bit slower which means you’ll lose people who came for the politics.

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