30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 5

My husband and I have a wonderful plan for when our kids are grown and we retire. We plan to travel the world, enjoying food and wine from some of the most amazing places. We're really open to lots of countries, but here are five we've discussed (in no particular order). Ireland Germany Italy Canada... Continue Reading →

30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 4

There have been a lot of people in my life who inspire me. My parents (both separately and as a couple), my grandparents, my husband, a few amazing coworkers, an inspirational teacher, a girl scout leader, my children. But the person who came to mind today is young me. I don't think there are many... Continue Reading →

30 Day Challenge-Day Three

In no particular order, here are the three things that bug me the most.   Cars that don't follow the procedures for a proper "zipper" merge (on either side). Auto Correct. The sound of people chewing.   That's it for mine! What are your biggest pet peeves?          

Idea Journals

One of the first pieces of advice I ever received when I officially began pursuing writing was to keep an idea journal.

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