30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 23

Dear Kids,

Today we are on vacation. Years from now you’ll probably look back on it and remember the ocean trip, when we talked up and down the beach with our sneakers strung over our shoulders. Maybe you’ll remember that we had to climb down from the parking lot onto the beach. You were so proud of yourselves for making it down the crazy steep sections. You may remember collecting shells or pelicans flying over the surf. 

You know what I’ll remember? You. 

For that thirty minutes or so that we wandered the beach you didn’t fight. Not at all. You didn’t even stop to argue about the temperature of the water or how close the other kid was walking to you. You both laughed, splashed, and played. It was simple and fun. It was relaxing. 

Take the vacation. Try the new foods. Walk the beach. Enjoy nature. Smell the air. Smile. Enjoy life.

Love you both,


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