July Wrap-Up and August Goals

July Wrap-Up

  • Write 1000 Words (per day)
    • I averaged 1,054 words per day
    • I wrote a grand total of 32,691 words this month
    • My best day was the 8th with a total of 4,218 words!
  • Read 150 Pages (per day)
    • I averaged 156 pages per day
    • I read a grand total of 17 books this month (watch my review wrap up here)
  • Edit 2 Chapters per day
    • FAILED
    • I’m working on editing the Magical book. It’s getting better all the time. But I’m also working on adding chapters and story lines to this book. This means I’m slower editing than I planned.
    • I averaged 1.8 chapters per day.
  • Post at least 2 shorts to the blog
  • Post new videos to YouTube on Tuesdays
    • I posted videos every Tuesday, have you subscribed yet?


  • I also had some WINS that weren’t necessarily goals.
    • I participated in the Instagram #JulyFalls poetry challenge, meaning I posted a lot of poems (11, I think) over there. 
    • I started working on that third story line for my Magical YA, which is coming along. Some early readers had a look at three chapters and the feedback is very positive.

August Goals

Kids are back to school, but I may be subbing too. I’m keeping them the same, for now. We’ll see about upping in September.

  • Write 1000 words per day
  • Read 150 Pages per day
  • Edit 2 Chapters Per Day
  • Post at least 2 shorts to the blog
  • Post new videos to YouTube on Tuesdays

Writing Games

  • #authorconfession and #SmoreWords will continue over on Twitter. I’m also going to play around with #characterchaos and answering prompts as my Magical Trouble-Maker, Chris. Should be fun!
  • Over on Instagram I’m hoping there’s a new poetry board I can play. I’m also diving into the #augustauthorwipchallenge where I’ll be answering questions about my Magical YA using pictures. 
  • If you know of any other cool games I should be playing in August, drop them in the comments!

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