November vs October

If you’re looking for individual statistics for November or to check on my progress with my goals for 2019, check out this video.

As promised in the video above let’s dig into the comparison between October and November reading statistics.


Books Read1410
Pages Read46503159
Pages Per Day150103
% IndependentlyPublished2820

This table indicates how the month generally went. It’s not bad by normal standards, but it’s lower than I’d like. Let’s please remember I wrote 50,000 words in November… so, redeemed?


Alright, fine. After 4 months of seeing this trend like this perhaps it’s time to admit that I read female authors more than male. Are we fine with that? Yes? Good. Moving on.

Age Categories

My goodness, look at that drop in Young Adult. Alright, so the trend of my reading more adult age category books held up again. This is, of course, owing to the fact that I am an adult. But it seems to also be true that in the months were I read a lot (like October) it is in the category of Young Adult that I increase. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I can read those quicker? I’m not sure. Interesting observation though.


Look, romance was back this month. Worth noting that I also enjoyed it (it was young adult). Anyway, Fantasy dropped this month although it wasn’t gone altogether. I had a hankering for some good mystery/thrillers this month, so I read four of them. But nonfiction took a drop off. Once again, I was all over the board with my genres. I wouldn’t have it any other way, honestly.

Release Years

Partially due to the opening of my YouTube channel for review requests, there’s an obvious uptick here in books published in the last ten years. But you’ll notice that I dug into backlist titles in November. In fact, one of these was published in 1910. I take pride in being so diverse, actually. 

Star Rating

Didn’t Love(1-2 Stars)31
Eh(3 Stars)63
Loved(4-5 Stars)56

I may have read less in November, but it seems as though I enjoyed them more. Make sure you check out my wrapup videos (on the book reviews tab of this website) to catch recommendations. 

Looking Forward

Nothing to do but to look onto December, right?

This month my TBR includes:

-1 book that I didn’t get to in October 

-2 Review Requests

-1 Advanced Reader Copy

-1 Indie I’ve been looking forward to for awhile

-2 Audiobooks on hold for me at the library

What’s at the top of your TBR for December?

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