November Progress and December Goals

Someone recently asked me why I take the time to write out my goals on the blog every month. It’s really pretty simple. I’m an irrational perfectionist. I have a habit of setting goals I know I can meet publicly and keeping goals I have to struggle through private. This leads to me beating myself up (figuratively) when I don’t meet the private ones although everyone in the world would see that I met the public ones and wonder what my problem was.

It’s something I’m trying to change.

Enter the blog and the goals. If I tell you about all of them, and you don’t judge me, I learn it’s alright to not meet a goal. I learn that it’s alright to work my way through a goal and make progress… but still fail.

Anyway, lets get into the accountability.


  • Write 50000 words of the YA Contemporary in one month
    • NaNo Story: 50299
    • Total Words Written: 53894
    • As my husband (and biggest supporter) keeps telling me… this is a big deal even if the YA Contemporary isn’t actually done. 
  • Read 150 Pages per day
    • FAILED
    • When you focus on writing 50000 words in one month, something’s gotta give.
    • I did read 10 books, but it only averaged out to be about 100 pages per day.
  • Post at least 2 shorts to the blog
    • FAILED
    • I posted to this wonderful blog 3 times. None of them were shorts or scenes.
  • Post new videos to YouTube on Tuesdays


I had 2019 goals and I have a lot of work left to do if I’m planning on meeting those. 

  • WRITE the first draft of the 5th (and final) book in the Kingdom of Fraun series
  • BLOG 3 shorts or scenes 
  • READ 150 pages per day (4650 pages total)
  • YOUTUBE at least once per week


  • On Twitter I’m continuing with #AuthorConfession, #SmoreWords, and #TheMerryWriter. I also decided to add in #WriterlyWIPChat because I liked the board.
  • Over on Instagram I’m attempting to participate more on the Poetry Board and #authorschallenge2019.

How About You?

What is ONE goal that you’re working on in December?

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